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dominaTRIX (shatteredglass7) wrote,
@ 2004-03-07 21:35:00
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    Strange Amneties...
    So I had a very interesting weekend, I mean to say extremely, well we will start with friday:

    Went to the show at the cliffhanger after we finished my puppet for regionals, which looked awesome, and picked up some hypnotic that stuff is crazy. Then I dance like crazy with Daina and Cassy, we made are selfs look like huge asses but I was there is my excuse...Then Henon got the bright idea to pick steven up and start spinning him, So I ended up getting kicked in the face...But I didn't really feel it, however it did hurt like a bitch afterwords...Then I got my ass smacked with a bandana with by joe and palmer...just beautiful, then we went back to my house, got more smashed then before, and I got sick....O and come to find there is this guy who looks almost exactly like scares me....

    Then saturday I went to reginals, and won third place for experimental puppetry, I was the only freshman I think that placed this year, anyhow I had fun hanging out with Danielle and Megan..Later I want back to my house and steven came back up, I was sick but he drank, and then I ended going up to the house and laying down, he layed with me until I fell asleep, I love em to death, even if I am unsure about it sometimes. Then In the morning when he woke up he came in and layed in bed beside me and put his arm around me and just layed there, not making a sound, but kissing my cheek ever so randomly....gods knows I love my was awesome.....

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