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Never find nobody like me (shanweavx) wrote,
@ 2005-01-11 18:20:00
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    Current mood: exhausted

    dont waste your time on someone who wont waste their time on you.
    So I havent goten to update and i no for people who actually stay reading like when you miss out on a day its like so pointless but anyways. the weekend was sick. shawn slept over all weekend of course. yesterday was beat cause we had school. and it was my moms birthday. and we did the whole family scence. but it was pretty good i guess. today we got outta school early. i came home smoked a butt, ate soup and left for yonks. we chilled. billy kristen and shawn stopped by for like a half and hour. Then me and Yonks decided to be "stupid" aHAha and go sleighriding. on this ghetto sled contraption. and the hill was like all ice with like a some snow sprinkle, fuckin we ate hot milk and oreos. ethreal isnt even the word. ahh god so then we went sleighriding. then we were like fightin in the snow and shit and then we were throwing snow balls out eachother but than me and yonks being both violent people we started to get out of hand like we werent homies and shit. but anyways it was mad chill. then of course since i didnt have any waterproof on we had to go in and change. we just chilled and listened to music. than i went home and took the hottest shower in mankind. now i must go make myself a bean&cheese burito. represent. im out. OoneE..

    <3 i love you so much shawn

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