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ClOsE 2 iNsAnItY (shannon1031) wrote,
@ 2004-02-11 21:48:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Type O Negative-We were electrocute

    Shittles: Taste the Asshole
    FUCK THIS SHIT. MAN I FUCKING HAD THIS LONG FUCKING ENTRY ALL TYPED OUT AND SHIT THEN IT DECIDES TO DELETE ITSELF. Fucking damnit. So this is just going to be a short summary of what I had...

    Tomorrow I'm leaving skool at Eleven. Dave and Travis are picking me up. For what reason you ask? No reason at all, because my boyfriend misses me. Haha. My parents said it was cool and they are writing me and early dismissal pass. I left at 1 today because I had a gyno. appt. That was fun. Not. She gave me something so my period would come back because I haven't had it since October of last year and now I have it, and I feel like shit. But other than that, it was an ok experience. She was nice. Her name is Dr. Weiner. Of course its not pernouced like WEINER lol. Umm...what else...skool is like really easy for me right now. Due to the 2nd semester changes. Not that much homework and classwork isnt a big load. I'm done stressing out like I was the 1st semester and it feels good. Also, my sister and Anna came over this weekend with my sisters new puppy he is a pitbull hes about 9 months old. His name is...Puppy. Original dont ya think?! He is fucking cute as hell I hugged him a lot. Hes not mean like most would think. My sister also decided to invite me to her apartment for next weekend (20th-22nd) because I havent been there in like forever. And I miss the fun we had. But Shannon is going to be a good little girl, to make Dave proud. Haha...alright that is my summary. It was so much better originally but it just really fucking pissed me off with the deleting thing. So yeah...

    Catch ya on the flip side yo! Haha just kidding. Cya later...Goodnight

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