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ClOsE 2 iNsAnItY (shannon1031) wrote,
@ 2004-01-30 20:25:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:The Devil on my shoulder telling me to KILL KILL KILL!

    What the hell is wrong with me?!
    Damnit. I've been really fucking jewish about updating this shit. Well, yes the Linkin Park concert with Sydney was real fucking awesome. But I still wish my love was with us. A lotta shit has happened since then, but I'm to lazy and its to boring to tell you about it all. Some serious fights have occured between Dave and myself, but everything is cool right now. Meghan is a dumb cunt whore, who deserves to burn in hell, and one day she will. And shes going to wish she wasn't such a fucking idiot during her lifetime. I just don't like liars, and Meghan is the head mistress of all dirty fucked up lies. She's trying to ruin my life, and I'm trying my hardest not to let it get to me, because she's not worth it. She's a stupid pathetic tramp and one day she will realize that. Another piece of shit person I don't like is Terrance. He is black, that's all I have to say. He lies about people hitting my mother's car so I get into trouble. Fucking piece of SHIT!

    So I went to guidence during a study hall today. I got my credits from Summer Skool finally. Which is great. Then I was talking about college and all that jazz. Mr. Nathan, my guidence counselor asked me what I was planning on doing after skool, and I told him that I'm planning on staying home for about a year and saving up money then deciding what I'm gonna do. Because money is an issue. And you know what he said to that..."I don't think that is a good idea!!" So he began to ask me questions about what I would like to do with my life...and I said I'd either like to do something with Social Work or Office Administration....So he gave me a bunch of shit on Gibbs College. Something I wasn't really wanting to get into. I hate this whole college crap. It's not for me. I don't wanna live and go to college, I want to be a young person all my life and not have to worry about going to college and growing up. I'm just not ready for it. Then he continued by asking me if I have talked to my parents about college yet and I said no, I told him that I was sorta avoiding the situation I suppose. Then he was like well if you were to ask them what they think you are going to do with my life what would they say...? And I told him they would prolly expect me to end up like my sister, struggling for my life and living off the kindness of strangers. Not what they would like but that's what they are expecting. So he told me he was going to call them on the phone and ask them what they thought. How fucking embarassing. I hate him so much. He's such an ass. Is there really anything wrong with just wanting to be a teenager for the rest of my life, I don't like the fact that I have to deal with stupid people like Meghan. But I don't wanna grow up and live on my own and have to live for myself. That's to hard. I don't have the correct mindset to live for myself. I'm too fucked up of a person to be able to do that. All my life I have had people along the ride helping me every minute of it. I will still need that, and yes I know, I will have Dave by my side but still.

    Ugh. Enough of that. I cannot wait until June or July...I can't remember exactly. But that is when Dave will be moving in with me. Yes! Moving in! As long as fucking blacky(terrance) is gone. Which he better be. Because Dave's parents are leaving and he wont have anywheres to go. So he's coming with me. Things will be much better then. Our main problem is we miss each other so much so we react in wierd ways and get angry to easily. So if we see each other often we wont be like that. Hehe! I cannot wait!

    I'm going to go now. I'll update some other time. Good day sir!!

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