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ClOsE 2 iNsAnItY (shannon1031) wrote,
@ 2003-12-05 21:03:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:-*Staind*-

    Let it snow!!
    Hey! It's snowing like a mofo outside right now. Hehe yay! I cannot wait to sleep over Dave's tomorrow night. It's gonna be such a great weekend for the two of us. Tons of time together, which nothing but happiness! Yes, that's how it will be. I can't wait to see him. Omg, I'm so damn excited...
    So I was talking online today, and Phil was talking to me, and hes like "You must be doing something right because I've never seen Dave love someone as much he does with you," and I was like, "You just made my day!" I was so happy he said that. Someone actually realized the love we have for each other. I mean I bet others do, like Sydney and people, and I mean I KNOW Sydney knows but one of his guy friends did, and that is really cool. It made me happy.

    Things are pretty hard right now. And I don't mean in me and Dave's relationship, things are fine there. But like other things, they suck. It is yet another thing I can't/dont wanna discuss in here. But my close friends know what I'm talking about. I have one question though. Why does everything that can possibly go wrong with a person, happen to me?! Honestly, I have so many problems. I don't understand why Dave thinks I'm like perfect because I've got so many imperfections, its not even funny.

    But. Boy, do I love him. Dave is such a wonderful person. And I really don't care what others think of him because I know him better than half the people in the world, and he is a great person. So many people don't see him the way I do. Barely anyone does. He is so great. In my eyes, he is PERFECT. I mean I know he isn't no one is. But he is so close to being perfect, its scary.

    galaxyofemotions: im in such a cheerful mood its scary....
    galaxyofemotions: lol
    foxracing0441: yes
    foxracing0441: lol

    It's funny when I get these random bursts of like hyper/happiness. I'm just like ahhhhh lol *bursts with excitement* haha! I'm so weird sometimes, but thats alright. It's the weather I swear!!

    I think I'm gonna go now. I'll talk to all you motherfuckers later! Bye for now!

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