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shannon (shannerbananerr) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 12:19:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:Xscape - Your my little secret

    -Mom didn`t come home last night man..! .. how coLd hearted.. at least this time she caLLed and toLd me she wasn't commin.. blarghh.. i'm eating oatmeaL.. dad has no food.. .literally.. nothing!! haha.. Momz re-formatting the other computer.. (my computer) ..lolz.. argh.. i have like no time for this stuff anymore.. =/ ..i made a couple new asianave'z.. but, thatz aWL.. haha.. I wish there was stiLL school.. i've been so bored lately.. I was goin to go and see Cruz today.. but i didn't even take a shower yet.. i'm afraid to get in Dad'z shower.. haha.. [dont ask] ..

    Lately I have been feeLin real depressed.. I thought that freakin medication would work.. but.. it hasn't.. what good is medication man.. for realz.. This summer is gonna be exactly like last year.. staying in my room doin absolutly nothing.. another depressing summer.. . . . . this bitez.. =/ I got the messages off the phone yesterday.. and family court called.. and i had a court date June 2nd.. and we never went.. I am hoping its for the wayward that MOM PUT ON ME.. [cuz i didn't do the dishes] ..and that it'z not for that whole aoL felony charging thing.. cuz i'd much rather be at home depressed then at like a training schooL or something.. =X

    The next time i'm doin the elks is September 20th.. I gotta get my list ready ahead of time, so i know all the songs on it.. haha.. I am thinkin besides all that patsy cline stuff that they say i do good on.. i might do some jewel stuff.. like.. the song -- foolish games.. or --you were meant for me.. . =/ . hehe. .i derno.. [me and Brittany sang 'you were meant for me' together at the coffee house thing for my church] ..lolzz.. itz our old skooL song.. hahahaha.. when we use to be like.. 10 and singing it on her front porch aLL the time.. haha.. thoze were the day.. [and the kissing behind the shed] .. LMAO ..too funnie..

    I'm downloading music to make a cd.. i'm leaving 'evidence' on here that i was on the stupid computer.. and i can't get it off man.. argh.. i gotta take a freakin shower sometime soon cuz i gotta go and see cruzza.. haha.. by the time i get there he'll be gone an then it'll start raining again.. =/ ..stoopid rain..

    g2g.. Jeff's givin me music to d/L .. makin a cd b4 i shower.. XD .. laytER

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