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Bulletproof...I wish I was. (shakedown_1979) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 20:47:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Supertramp "take the long way home"

    even in the quietest moments.
    Okay, so I got back from Canada yesterday around noon. On the way home from the Airport my dad said we could stop at the mall to get some things for school. I asked for this canvas bag thingie from Coach that was bright green and really cool. I never ask for things like that, but this time I really wanted it and he freaked out. Im going to skip writing about all the drama but just notice that he was making a big scene in the middle of the mall. So, when we get home he goes through my room when I was in the shower. I come out, go in to my room and there is shit everywhere. Papers and such all over the floor, all the book on my dresser were knoced off and all my clothes and cds were everywhere. He found the mushrooms that taylor and i had been growing along with the spore syringe. He thought I had been shooting heroin with that syringe despite the fact that its fucking HUGE. More or less 3 times bigger than a normal medical syringe. So, I tried my hardest to explain to him what it was used for without getting mad and making things worse. Of course he didn't beleive me so....he said I was kicked out of the house, and was going to make me quit my job (i don't know why he added this in. It's rediculous.)

    SO I left and waled around my street for a hour then went back home. My dad actually tried to make me leave. He is so crazy. I had to beg him to let me stay home. I thought it was insane. So, anyways after a nice first day back I have to work all this week 8-4:30. Matt Paddison called me today for the first time in forever and said that he moved to Scottsdale. That makes me sad, he was a nice person. Oh, by the way, We have more mushrooms growing at Taylors so my dad throwing the others away wasnt that big of a deal.

    I read alot of books on my trip. I finnished "Queer" by William S. Burroughs and "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell" by Marilyn Manson and the 5th Harry Potter book. Right not im half way though "Naked Lunch" by William S. Burroughs. Reading his books makes me feel nice, you know, its a nice feeling. I don't know. But the The Long Hard Road Out of Hell was really good, I read it in three days. I highly recommend any of those four books.

    Today after work, I went to the mall again and bought this awesome brown courdroy jacket at Nordstroms. Of course, I will never be able to wear it here untill the coldest days of winter but It was so nice. I also got some nice shampoo that was on sale. Woop. I want Taylor to come back from visiting her grandma, Harriet Wier. She used to be a Latin teacher.

    Tori Amos is playing with Ben Folds at Dodge Theatre tonight. Saturday I leave for L.A. to see Bjork with Elisabeth. I go to school on the 13th, and Iron Maiden is on the 29th!


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