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Treading Dawn With An Elegy (shadowsdieaway) wrote,
@ 2004-02-17 23:46:00
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    stolen from Bunny

    Name: Mike Merin
    Birthday: May 5th 1986
    Eye Color: blue-green
    Hair Color: brown and white
    Shoe Size: 9
    Name of your school: Ward Melville, or shithouse
    Wear Braces? nope
    Wear Contacts? yup
    Where were you born? Plainview Hospital
    How much did you weigh when you were born? normal weight
    What color was your hair when you were born? blonde and white

    Are your parents married or divorced? married
    How many siblings do you have? real siblings: 2. other "siblings" lol: at least 7
    What are their names? real: Joanna, Kenny. other: Alex, Deedee, Pam, Pat, Shanza, others which i can't remember right now lol
    Do you have any step-brothers/sisters? nope
    Get along with your family? hahaha
    Favorite cousin? Brian
    Daddy or Mama's boy/girl? neither
    Do your parents spoil you? sorta, they give me stuff but it's from me "working" on the side (keeping up academics, helping around house, other shit)
    How many people live in your house? 5
    Do you have family get-togethers? sometimes, my cousins live across the street
    Do you like your mom or dad's side of the family better? mom's
    Do you like your family? at times

    Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yup ^.^
    What's their name? Rachel
    Your anniversary? November 21st
    Are you in love? yup
    Who are you having sex with in this point in time? my hand
    First kiss? Nicole
    How old were you? 12
    Do you want to stay with your current boyfriend/girlfriend? yes
    Do they love you? yup

    Have you ever. . .
    Held your breath till you passed out? nope
    Wanted to die? not wanted, but, yeah that's personal
    Smoked weed? hell fucking no
    Committed a crime? O:)
    Saved someone's life? yes
    Have someone save your life? nope
    Stayed up all night? many times
    Been to another country? yup
    Loved someone so much it made you cry? yes
    Been cheated on? nope
    Let someone else take the blame for something you did? never

    Faked being sick? whenever i don't wanna goto school lol
    Driven illegally? yeah, fun story there
    Been to the Astrodome? nope
    Dyed your hair? nope

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