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Treading Dawn With An Elegy (shadowsdieaway) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 14:54:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:The June Spirit - Can We Lip Sync to This One?

    SUNDAY: before Lucy's party: in angst to goto Lucy's party.

    Lucy's party: i got there at 7, cause my parents are fucking assholes, but that's for another story. the party... hmmm... well there was Mike's Hard Lemonade there ^.^ but yeah, Rachel was there, so that made the party for me. there was pizza, yummy pizza. spin the bottle is such a childish game, seriously. we're old enough for that. stupid lights, that would have been bad. we were trying to get Underworld to play, but the machine's a butt-much so it didn't work until the last hour of the party. not like we'd actually get to watch it... yeah. haha this one girl Jessica, who apparently has a low tolerance, and who had 9 Mike's Hards at the party (stupid her) kept asking "are you sure he's not gay?" to one of the guys there LMAO. then at the end Rachel Rampil drove me home cause Rachel P. didn't want me crossing 347 again, worrying for me :) i love you Rachel

    TODAY (so far): Damon came over at 11, and we chilled, looked over the music, had food, played ping pong, almost all the usual awesome stuff. then he left at 1:45-ish. now i'm waiting to hang out with Rachel ^.^ hopefully soon, her parents are butt-munches, yes i like that word. until then, waiting for the phone hehe, later

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