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Treading Dawn With An Elegy (shadowsdieaway) wrote,
@ 2004-02-13 03:19:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Coheed and Cambria - The Velorium Camper III: Al The Killer

    what a fucking week
    it's been a long week, a very, very long week. make it saturday already...

    i'm going to lj-cut this so you don't have to see the 20,000 pages of this entry, it's going to be a long one of the week, i haven't updated since 6 days ago, even though i wrote notes of the days down on my computer and in my notebook i never published them, mood equaled not

    so basically all entries up to tuesday's entry have been done already, just not put up on the site. so i'm just posting what happened on those days, and i'm updating wednesday's entry and today's entry today.

    LAST WEEK'S FRIDAY NIGHT: my mom came in my room and told me someone brought in my wallet. *sigh* i'm so happy i got back what was in there

    LAST WEEK'S SATURDAY: at 1:30 i went to Bunny's house, Rachel got there at 2:30. before i left to Bunny's house, well first lemme ADD and say that Bunny is Michelle's nickname. but yes, before i left to Michelle's house i made the techno cd so we could actually rave haha. Rachel made poi glowsticks, it was awesome. both of us were actually able to do poi, and it looks awesome on film, well i hope it looked cool on film, it looked cool in person. many memorable quotes from the night caught on camera hehe.

    afterwards when only me, Rachel and Hannah were left, Bunny's parents got pizza, very nice of them. then we went to her room and talked, and she lent me the first DVD for Witch Hunter Robin, and i brought her back her X/1999 mangas and lent her the X TV DIVXs. yup we're anime freaks.

    after Michelle's i babysat for the Cohens. while i was there, i was on the cell with Rachel for 2 hours. kids are sooo annoying lol. when babysitting was over i was on the phone with Alex, and she got me addicted to spider solitaire. yeah, i'm still trying to beat it on hard mode. so far i have 3 piles as the most.

    SUNDAY: Matt's sister's bat mitzvah, or Amy Grabina's bat mitzvah. i had 29 rolls of sushi. i loooooooove sushi. sometime during the bm, they brought out glowsticks, and i was like, ahhhhh i need my glowstick (metaphorically here), so i called her, but she wasn't home :( i went back to Matt's house with his cousin John, then picked up Ali, they're both really cool. i got a special present for Rachel, not telling though, she'll find out on V day hehe. i got home, more problems... another note in store right now... stupid voices...

    MONDAY: found out i got an 85 on my physics test, wooo. in lunch we had a talk about condoms. yup always interesting that period during lunch. 5th i performed kai on Ryan, that worked, i like how i can actually use my ki to help other people. 6th i just slept the entire period. 8th period... Salerno's just hilarious. 9th we went outside to watch birds... yeah that class is fucked up, i dunno how much longer i'll be in it.

    after school, roaming around and ^.~ and Emily B. made a picture of me, Rachel, Emily C, and herself on the computer lol, it's pretty funny. roaming, PEOPLE!!! AHHH!!! too many of them. when i came home my mom and Kenny were on my computer... doing a project, so i went downstairs watched the Witch Hunter Robin DVD so i could give it back to Bunny. i fell asleep on the couch downstairs 5:20-7:50, 2 and half there. i didn't feel like staying awake for the daytime.. i went back upstairs onto AIM, and talked on the phone with Rachel till she went to sleep.

    alright teachers fucking suck, kettler's a fucking fuck for a lack of better words, he called my house AGAIN. WTF??? first of all, the semester ended along fucking time ago, 2nd of all he doesn't need to tell my parents what he thinks of my life and how my ENTIRE life is just from that one class. also Mr. Spira called my house and said that my attitude in physics has gotten much worse. um... WHAT? alright, so because i get the highest test grade i've ever gotten my attidude has gotten worse? and also how can he say mine has gotten worse when sitting right next to me, Brian is sleeping in class the entire period and i'm trying to pay attention and get what's going on in the class. my parents are dumb, they believe everything they're told before i get to tell them the truth. whatever, parents suck

    TUESDAY: Rachel wasn't there in the morning :( in physics we watched a movie, then had the 2nd period off. springs are fun hehe, full of ADD. gym, guy sare really stupid lol, Alissa's awesome, she yells at the guys for being morons. go Alissa!!! 5th period rhythm didn't have to play, which meant i didn't have to play, so it was note time again ^.^ 6th period was a very, very touching story, i like it a lot. 7th we had a quiz and a sub, so when i was done i left for the lunch room to see Rachel, but she went to finish her art project, so i waited in the room and talked with people there till she came. oh, and Alissa and Shandra came into the room too, and Alissa kicked me while i was holding Rachel, meanie. ornithology is really not in my interest at all, i'm gonna drop that class.

    after school lots of ^.~ but no talk, i fucking hate how i can't talk, it's such a problem for me. quote:

    i have so many things i would like to explain to you, but i don't know just how to communicate. i can't take this body shaking. with a bayonet for a tongue, swallow words inadvertently and to the organ flame i'll maintain a close adjacency. dress and we'll begin. From Autumn to Ashes - I'm the Best At Ruining My Life

    that's exactly me, i can't fucking talk and i hate it. Rachel tomorrow hopefully.....

    WEDNESDAY: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT! in between 3rd and 4th... Deedee he's a piece of shit!!! i'm telling you, we should all (you know who) should group up on {him} and beat the shit out of him for what he deserves. 4th period i finished another note. 6th we finished the depressive story. yeah... then Mr. Bates gave us a depressive question to go with it: "what ways would you like to be remembered when you die" i'm not doing that assignment, too hard for me to do right now, i felt blah all day.

    here's where it's Friday 3:19 AM and i'm updating. and now i'm updating for wednesday and thursday. here we go...

    this bad day was supposed to end good, not worse... i'm sorry Rachel, it's my fault you were like that. i couldn't help you at all. thank you Bunny for helping out. i went over Michelle's house for a bit instead of going home, she helped me out too, told her what was happening to me too, i hope she wasn't scared of me from looking at my arm. i went home and slept to try to get them out, then woke up at 9:30 called Rachel and woke her up by mistake, i'm sorry Rachel, i tried going back to sleep, fell asleep sometime after 3 or 4, so i basically got no sleep, grrr.

    THURSDAY (today): i'm just putting this code in here for future reference, no one will be able to understand this but me, so just ignore it until you see more english: umfyzm egooo ocoejx - sffjbm vgih nliu fcq vmooz. apcwf tn... xmq np gco. hr vyp xmrn gyrho hl sgb egooo ojxyz, xmy ccpampx sffo. xrm bykp gcil zlvkiy. fourth period in gym, Dave is fucking insane. he was acting really weird lol, i asked him if he was drunk, and he said "i dunno man, well maybe, i think i had a vodka or two." lol. then when i was going for the ball Dave jumps on me, smacks me and starts making monkey noises... omg haha. 5th period we had a sub, the hispanic bitch woman. she's sooo evil, she doesn't let us do anything. i was lucky i was able to start writing my note. ornithology... last day!!! yup i no longer have a 9th period. i now have free time in my schedule. i just hope i don't lose my friendship with my good friends in there...

    i got home and replenished some hours of sleep, which i did, i slept from 5:30 to 9:30. then i called Rachel and we talked until she had to goto sleep. and now it's 3:35 and i'm still up doing homework, not all mine, i really need sleep, maybe in school i'll get a lot. i have work tonight 5-9 PM, can people visit me? ^.^ i'm in the Centereach Shopping Center. after work Grabina's crashing till the morning, then i'm with Rachel all day :) valentine's day ^.^ yup yup, now back to the homework... later

    oh, and i just retook the "Livejournal Gender Tool" thing, and i'm only 57% female now, and Rachel's 62% so we have a revolutional resolution :P

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