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Can't tell u... (shaadra_shadow) wrote,
@ 2004-07-07 11:33:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:"Numb" - Linkin Park (what? it's my theme song!)

    camp is fun... and evil at the same time...
    i just got back a week ago from my church camp. all it did for most of the week was rain. Shadra, Devie Poo, and MegNut all complained... with me of course. but, on thursday, it was very sunny... and hot too! but still, at least we got to do the high ropes... o_O you didn't hear that! and yes, Shaadra Ishi-Taru was there too...

    MegNut: It was very wet, and muddy, but the - ok, i'll shut now...
    Devie Poo: I wanted to go to the canteen again! Or arts and crafts! Wah!
    Shadra: It was muddy, but i had fun playing in the mud! *comes up, all muddy*
    Shaadra Ishi-Taru: Man, all I did was draw, and write stories! but that was during Turtle Time...
    Me: Would you just shut up, Shadra Ishi-Taru? Ok, so we all had our ups and downs, but who cares! I got my face painted like a mask! (indoor luau)

    ok, like i said, there were some ups and downs, but we all had a very good and evil time... that is if you can count Odd getting chased by Pan, Gohan beating up his own dad, and the dance... I GOT A PIC OF JEREMY AND AELITA! score! yes, i did get a pic of them dancing, huging and kissing. but so what? it'll be of good use... if you can count using it as black mail! hee hee. well, i've gtg. c ya l8r!

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