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kasey phua (havplus) wrote in sg_blessings,
@ 2003-03-04 09:13:00
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    Current mood:curious

    How did u come to GOD???
    How did you come to know GOD? What make you attend church for the first time? What cause you to accept GOD for the first time??

    For me, actually it was all about forgiveness.. Many many years ago, I was really bitter and angry with myself; for causing my Dad's death indirectly. He died tragically, outside the home, probably in a heartbroken mood..As the night before, being a rebellious teenager then, I had really scolded him: I still remember the actual conversation:

    He had scolded me for reading a book, as I had mentioned that I was having a test the next day. I had scolded him back, saying that I know what to do. He said gently that he was asking me to study for my own good. I retorted that don;t worry, should I fail the test, you need not sign for me; I will just tell my teacher that you are not around..........He went to bed sadly next, probably caused by the medicine he was taking for lung problem and high blood pressure.

    Never knowing the last word I say to him will haunt me for a long time. he died the next morning, whilst on his morning walk; whilst I was still sleeping (I was on afternoon session). I never have a chance to say sorry or hear any of his last words.....

    So I go on bitterly, and was really a atheist at one stage. Then my gf, now wife, introduced me to church; I have taken it as part of the dating ritual then. The rest is history..

    Do share..GOD Bless.

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