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Amanda (sexyshawty360) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 19:12:00
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    Current mood: blah

    Woota Watta...
    WOW! i'm so proud of matt...he finally kissed me today...after it's been like a month! haha. it wasn't too special though...cuz all it was a lil pecker kisss. haha. i'm not sure if i wanna do stuff w/ him. he's so innocent, and i don't wanna b known as a skank neways...cuz i know i'm not!
    so, neways....
    last night i talked to steve pierce on the phone for like hours. he is the funnest person to talk to! seriously though! like everytime i talk to him...he jus keeps gettin cooler and cooler! he best call me this weekend, or i'm gonna beat him to the ground! haha. it was really funny cuz i think brianne got mad that he called me...cuz he like used to call her all the time or sumthin like that. quite sad quite sad!
    la di da da...
    ooh...i got my own phone line today! i got like the kewlest answering machine too! haha. it's great! i'm so like neone can call me netime...and it's all good! woot woot!
    beep beep...
    i wish i could hang out w/ cassie...i miss chillin with that girlie! :(
    it makes me quite sad...maybe sumday though...when i get my license...i can like drive to their church every wednesday...and then her mommy will start to trust me. then i will never ever do nethang bad again! NEVER!
    yea...i think i'm done for now...i'll write sumtin more inspirational next time. <3 me

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