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Rita (sexyrageangel2) wrote,
@ 2003-07-02 15:50:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:sweet as the punch-bloodhound gang

    i miss jessica already
    hey, well i know i should be doin something better than here writin in this stupid thing but hey guess what...THERES NUTHIN ELSE TO DO! yeaa well this whole week i have sat home doin nuthin, ppl have dropped by once in a while but i havnt left my house! damn i need a pool, or atleast a friend that has one and that will invite me over everyday haha, jessica wont invite me over and that sucks so i had to walk over there and like beg her hah. welllll im gonna update u on wat i have spent my summer on so far, well as much as i can remeber anyways. ...after graduation we crashed at jessicas (me april bridget brianna and chels) it was wicked fun, the next day we just kinda hung out went to cvs and stuff, then amber came over and we just swam for the rest of the day. thats night me jessica and bridget slept over caras, wicked fun, we made the best video and fooled around with the strobe light. then in the morning me and jessica went to orchard hills with my mom, we came home and i did nothin for the rest of the day, friday i went swimming at cjs, came home got ready for graduation party, then got a ride to jessicas from april. the party was wicked fun, after breanne and jessica slept at my house and we had a food fight, sunday matt came over , we hung out for a while and then walked to subway, met up with ryan went to oxford and papacolas, then walked back to my house and jumped on the trampoline. monday joey came over we hung out for a few hours, its been a loong time since i seen that kid, then yesterday will and matt came over and we made videos and had water balloon fights all day..then today i didnt wake up till 12, brian came over for about an hour and we jumped on the trampoline and then he left and i went to orchard hills, tried to get a tan but its just impossible, o well. i guess thats all i got for now...layta I DONT WANT JESSICA TO LEAVE

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