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Rita (sexyrageangel2) wrote,
@ 2003-06-05 17:39:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:Wake Up-Rage against the machine

    Extreamly Long
    Jessica is Back!........We got invited to an extacy party with pretty butterflys on the cover of the invitation wow fun tonight time to party

    Last Tuesday- I went out to the city and I see that there's a LINKIN PARK concert, I'm like WTF cuz they're supposed to be on tour with deftones/metallica/mudvayne/limp bizkit/linkin park (which, btw, I'm going to go, too)... Anyway, they were also selling tickets there so i bought 'em and saw LP!!! I'm not a fan,

    St Patrick's Day- I went to NYC, again. I saw a couple of old friends... it hurt... And I spent the night there. I almost got drunk, hehe...

    oh and here's something I posted somewhere else:
    I'm beginning to think that maybe I should not be pacifist. That's seriously scaring me.
    I just found out that world peace for good is impossible, why? Because there are humans in this world. Humans are fucked up, they're power hungry, greedy, violent and other things.
    With humans there cannot be any peace.
    That is one of the reasons why I hate how humans are.
    Humans are the problem, not war.
    This world is not fucked up, humans are fucked up.

    Maybe, I'm still pacfist, but there's really nothing that can be done for peace, but I have a plan for something else now.

    I really hope that tomorrow the world ends, it's not like I hate the world, I just hate how humans are.
    I still hate war more than anything in the entire world.

    so, yeah, fuck EVERYTHING.


    So, I'm doing pretty good... did I mention that I made of list about things that should/shouldnt do?
    here it is:

    ~try to be more positive
    ~stop fighting with ignorant and patriotic people.
    ~try to stop complaining
    ~not curse as much, doesnt mean i aint gonna curse;)

    I'm just trying to be positive, cuz in reality I'm not alright... so fuck reality, nothing is real.

    I also really liked Fight Club... changed my views on many things...

    Also, I'm developing a new theory... I'm talking to many different people and see how they are, how they think, and many other things... I can see a patern, and yeah, I'm still working on the theory, I aint telling anyone what it exactly is, though.;):-D

    Thats it for now, I'll continue later on... peace out, motherfuckers.:-D

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