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melly (sexymojo) wrote,
@ 2003-02-25 07:37:00
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    pretty good day
    well my day was pretty good......for a change......well this weekend started out good but on saturday night the worst thing happened! darby pilkington died....when shelley got the phone call i could've died...i did'nt want to believe was terrible about 300 people were at her house that night....she was sooo nice....she was the homecoming queen, star of the bball team and softball team, she ran track had a really great body and was GORGEOUS!! so why did she have to die?! well the ellis family took it prettty bad i heard that ric tried to kill himself they loved her like she was really a part of their family....i miss bryan sooo much....sniff sniff......anyways the funeral was today i didnt go sad.....but shelley and mama went i still can't believe she's gone forever....o no i'm crying all over again! well lemme get off that subject and lemme tell you about friday night....i went and saw the best movie ever! HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN TEN DAYS! omg it was awesome HE TOOK HIS SHIRT OF FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!! haha but i was kinda mad! matt came in there for like 2 seconds and i wanted him to stay sooooo badly! but of course him and his lil friend will had to go and see a thousand other movies....they don't know how to stay in one movie its sooooo gay....anyways i've decided.....i like matt more....AARON ASKED JENNIFER OUT and then he tried to tell me "he's not a PLAYER!" i was just like WHATEVER anywyas gotta run! more later

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