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Melanie (sexymelanie) wrote,
@ 2003-05-25 22:24:00
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    Prom bust
    yesterday was my prom...and the worst imaginable thing happened...okay so me and my boyfriend had broken up like 3 months ago and we recently decided to try the whole dating thig again since we were both still in love with each other.. an so we had decided that we should go to prom together...and so i was all happy to have a date to the while were broken up my boy got in a little trouble and had yet heard nothing about it so figured that everything was forgotten...okay so on prom night i got all dolled up and my boy called me and sid that he had to go to the police station for about an hour...and since it was only 4:30 and prom wasn't till 7 i didn't woryy....and i told him to call me when he was on his 6 comes around and still no call so now i was getting a little nervous....7 came around and still no word so i called his house only to find out that no one was i was already late for the prom and no word on the where abouts of my boy...i didn't want to go to the prom anymore i was all crying and shit...but i changed my mind and my dad gave me a drive...sure i showed up at like 8:30 but i still had fun all the while wondering what had happened to my boy.... at 11 my parents came and picked me up and i found out then that my boy had been in the jail all that evening and had only called me at 10:30 when he got out....i was mad at him but in a way understood that he was in a jail cell and could not call.... anyways that is how prom for me was ruined! *tear* anyways that's all

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