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Tiggerific JoJo (sexyitalianjb) wrote,
@ 2004-08-21 20:38:00
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    Current music:yellowcard-ocean ave

    wow! Gross!
    i went to the desert breeze pool today with the neighbor girls i babysit. well there was like this guy around 40.
    he came up to me introduced him self..shaked my hand...and was like i've been wanting to come up to u all day and meet you... then there was a silence...and he was like you live round here and i was like yea bout five miles and he was like oh i leave down the street and he was like those ur kids and i was like no neighbors and he was like oh u babysittin and i was like yea. and he was like well are u unattached or can i give you my number and we do something sometime. and i was like im sorry i have a boyfriend. and then there was like a silence and then i told hannah the older girl that i was goin to go on the i was like well im goin on the slide now so bye. and he was like well i just had to try at least i know now but yea he didnt bother me nemore. But yea! wow that was so gross, weird and so so wrong! I felt so uncomfortable. and like he really thought i was old enough to be their mom! yea right!

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