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Niki (sexy_crazy_cool) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 20:47:00
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    Today was really weird... idk how to explain it... its like it went by fast and slow @ the same time. I talked to Danny today - Its so nice to hear his voice on the phone, lol - He was sleeping when I called lol I felt bad and hes like *No no its arite* It was cute lol ... I dont know wut it is about him... but every1 says hes such an asshole and when they tell me the stories about why he is... he really is... lol... but hes not like that with me... Well sometimes around my friends he can be... but only sometimes. But anyway... Im pretty sure hes coming to the block party tomorrow... haha this is gonna be a sight to see... hes so funny when it comes to dancing... I cant help but laugh cuz he makes like this weird face and its just funny. I always thought break dancing/freestyling was so like 90s lol But I guess not cuz a couple of people in the skool used to *dance* with him, lol. Oooomg @ the Outback there was this guy that reminded me of Josh. Omg he walked just like him... Idk how to explain how he walks... like with his head back, lol. But he had like dark hair and light eyes and he just walked JUST like him lol. I havent seen Josh in sooooooo damn long... I like it that way tho Itd be too weird... and Id hate it.

    xOx - Niki

    And If I Bleed I'll Bleed Knowing You Wont C.A.R.E

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