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Niki (sexy_crazy_cool) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 16:30:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:October - Evanesence

    You and Yourself
    1) What's your name? - Nicole
    2) Do you like your name? - sometimes
    3) What other names were your parents going to name you? - Charity
    4) And if you were born the opposite sex? - Well.. they knew I was a girl??
    5) What is the most annoying name? - Black peoples names... lol
    6) What is the most attractive name? - Ryan
    7) Ever wish you were a member of the opposite sex? - Yeah... like sometimes when u like someone u wish you could be in their mind to see wut they think... lol
    8) How often do you wash/bathe? - Every day
    9) Where do you shave? - I shave my legs and other places.... lol
    10) How do you relax? - In my room, with the ac on and a movie on ... or sometimes... in my room with the ac on listening to music or writing... or sometimes... with the ac on with a friend... lol
    11) What are your pet peeves? - omg... i have way to many

    >> You and Others
    1) Who is your best friend? - Steph
    2) Why are they your best friend? - I couldnt even begin to tell you... shes the best... I mean she makes stupid cards up for me on her comp. when Im upset lol
    3) Do you have many enemies? - yeah.. probably a lot of them too
    4) Do you find it easy to get on with other people? - to get on? lol
    5) Do you talk to strangers? - sometimes... lol... like the bum under the train tracks, hovier(josh has me callin' him that lol and i realy dont talk to him either lol he laughs @ cars lol)
    6) Do you prefer to talk to people younger or older? both lol
    7) Are you patient when talking to others? - umm.. yeah but i interrupt a lot lol so maybe not
    8) How do you deal with people that annoy you? - i definatly avoid them
    9) Would you say you are polite? - eeh... not really lol
    10) Do you talk to your neighbours? - just Lauren
    11) If you see an accident or incident, do you inquire about it? - yeah

    >> You and Love
    1) Are you in a relationship with anyone? - nope
    2) If so, do you think he/she is 'the one'? - nope lol
    3) If not, are you currently looking? - eeh.. not really... Ive given up on *looking* I think the best way to get someone is to just let it find you...
    4) Would you ever have an affair, and why? - *PLUGS EARS* IM NOT LISTENING IM NOT LISTENING!
    5) Do you agree with casual sex? - STILL NOT LISTENING!!
    6) Would you have a relationship with someone that already had children? - yup
    7) How old do you want to be when you marry? - like 24
    8) Or have children? - Like... 28
    9) What would you call your future children? - Ryan, Brooklyn, Marie... I have many weird names picked out lol
    10) Would you ever marry an 80-year-old millionaire? - GROSS!
    11) What is your age limit for relationships? - I dont like guys younger than me lol

    >> You and Life
    1) What do you want as a future career? - a teacher
    2) What are your ambitions? - Finish hs, finish boces, do the beautician thing for a bit, college, finish college, become a teacher, marry, make a lot of money, and have kids lol
    3) How long do you want to live for? - idk...
    4) Believe in growing old disgracefully? - wut? lol
    5) How would you want to die? - peacefully
    6) How would you want your funeral? - idk... i just dont want an open casket
    7) Would you kill yourself if a loved one died? - no...
    8) If you had one last request, what would it be? - that people will know how i truly am...
    9) If you only had a month to live, what would you do? - travel the world lol meet the president... soo much shit
    10) What is the point of life? - to live... laugh and cry...
    11) What are you living for? - the fun

    >> What is your opinion on...
    1) The war against Iraq? - idk...
    2) Discrimination? - terrible
    3) Smacking children? - dont get me started
    4) Football hooligans? - lol wut??
    5) The fire service strikes? - lol
    6) Obesity? - gross
    7) Online dating? - R-E-T-A-R-T-E-D!!
    8) Adultery? - NO WAY
    9) Euthanasia? - idk wut that is... hrrmmm...?? lol
    10) Vegetarian diets? - hard lol i would die
    11) Self harm? - ......

    >> You and Situations
    1) If you could save only one person from a burning building, your favoured parental figure or a doctor with the knowledge to cure a disease such as HIV or cancer, whom would you save? - favoured parental figure
    2) If you (or your other half) were expecting a child, but were told that due to unfortunate complications, only the mother or child could be saved, which would you let die? - wow... idk
    3) If you were trapped in a lift that was about to collapse with a elderly lady and a young boy, who has the right to escape first? - the boy
    4) How would you react if you came home and caught your best friend cheating on your trusted other half?- hell would break lose... lol
    5) Would you sacrifice your own life for a loved one or family member? - idk...
    6) Would you ever donate any of your organs to anyone, either a loved one or a total stranger that needed it? - yes
    7) Would you ever abort your own child, or place them up for adoption if they were disabled or unplanned? - id only abort my baby if it had problems and be a vegetable for the rest of its life... i dont think id be able to raise a child that would have to live thru that... if u even call it living
    8) If your best friend's other half was cheating on them, and you knew, would you tell your friend, or confront his other half? - talk to that person... than talk to my friend
    9) How would you react if your own child was a murderer and placed on death row? Would you campaign for or against their life? - id campaign for their life
    10) If a family member or loved one were killed either through an accident or murder, would you demand justice, the killer's death, or try and forgive them? - justice and yes death... no on deserves to live after they puposely killed someone... *You reap wut you sow*
    11) Finally, if you were called up for war, would you go for your country, or refuse and face jail? - Idk... id probably go to jail lol

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