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hana (sexxyhana) wrote,
@ 2004-04-25 00:04:00
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    Current mood: nauseated
    Current music:no doubt

    i want to change, really i do
    Hey my lovely journal! hehehe im so funny =p. Well i guess i'll update you on what's been going on in my life since i left you. I still work at cici's, i try to go to church as much as i can, i hangout with tarik wheni can (try to with christy but it never works out) and basically try to get school done. I've been thinking alot about my life lately and what kind of person i am, or want to be, and i really want to change from what i am. I want to be different than how i am now. I want to be holier (i think thats how you spell it) i want to be more kind, i want i want. I want to start going to church more, like i use to. I mean last summer was so great, i felt great, i think i had more self esteem. I was different then. Im different now...and i don't think i like it. I feel like whenever i go to the UB church everyone stares at me, it's like i got this "bad girl" type of image..and i hate it, they all judge me of how i look or what color my hair is at times, or what clothes i wear, or because im from holly hill and i don't look like holly mode or brittany at church. Well sorry i wasn't brought up that way, or i dont dress that way. Holly mode, brittany, and i were all brought up differently..jeez sorry...Anywho, it just pisses me off and i had to get that off my shoulders. tonight was fun. I didn't wake up until 11 today. Me and tarik went to the mall and then to cici's (yes cici's) to meet up with kelly, billy, and mary, and jason. I was supossed to hangout with christy....but she was at the mall hangingout with jordan and spencer? ya i think so. So i just hungout with my boo tarik YAY!. Tarik took me to the mall tonight to get the jeans i've been looking at for months and i finally got them!! yes! i like them soo mucho they be so cute! anyways, i got my check yesterday and it was for 169.85! pretty good for two weeks..i guess. I went to the beach yesterday with my tarik, it was so FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! i was pretending to be his slow daughter and i was havin so much fun in the myself, i guess i embarassed him a lil oops, hehehehe. Then we went to his casa to watch his lil brother chad...devil aka the anti christ...well hmmm no more just a brat. THOSE NOODLES BETTER BE CUT UP! haha chad, that's one crazy kid! anyone related to tarik is crazy haha, in a good way of course. We totally watched Resident evil AHHHHHHHHH sooooooo SCARy!!!!!! ekkkkkks zomies are inSANE!!!!! i hurt my nose from that movie one of the scense scared me so bad owww. Well i guess me should get going...more lata

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