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* }}|{{ * babyqirl (sexxiisierra) wrote,
@ 2004-01-23 16:29:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:nothing

    waiting for nick
    went to school today. the guidance counseloer or whatever, me, and my mom had a big "talk". same old shit, my mom and i bullshited, she acted like she cared, da da da. its whatever. we had like 3 subs today so it was all chill. and i got some kidd to let me "borrow" his brand new abercrombie sweater =] score! and hm, nothing else really. me + derek got in trouble on the bus today. we werent even doing shit! ugh but whatever. then i came home, and i was all happy cause i thought nick be here waiting for me but NO. and now its 6:30 (i know i started writing this forever ago and left it on) and i STILL dont have a clue where the hell he is or what im doing tonight. so far all ive done is laundry. not exactly my idea of a kick ass friday night. ahh im gettin pissed off now. shit like this aggravates me. i miss amanda. ALOT. and yeah my birthday is comin up next wednesday. whoa there killer whered time go?! imma ask my mom for the new reebok soldierees with the pink chrome and a south pole sweater and clothes and a good bag and yeah the list could go on forever so ill stop there. and well nothin else. hopefully tonight fucking gets it shit together! lol bye yall.

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