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* }}|{{ * babyqirl (sexxiisierra) wrote,
@ 2004-01-22 22:20:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:put yo hood up - lil jon + the eastside boys

    changes, and thats just the way love is. things will never be the same
    yeah last night fucking blew. my mom and i went shopping around 3, got into a huge friggin argument in the middle of wal-mart. and the cashier, some old fogie said she was gonna call security on me for our "language" so i rode out. came home, my mom and i fought ALOT more, nick came over, my mom and i fought some more, then i just went to sleep.

    - but now..what the fuck? this morning nick came over at like seven before school to tell me he stashed his "new" dirtbike in my yard. so im like alright...then my mom came outside and just went crazy and went off on him and tried to call the cops and da da da but whatever. we fought all the way to school, and ughh i just was a mess. then i get to school and i was like bawling and i didnt want to talk to ANYONE and they drug me into the mother fucking guidance office. i just sat there for like a hour before i was just like "my mom and i got in a fight" and just a bunch of bullshit. now this old fogie wants to counsel my "family" what the fuck. good luck lady. the rest of the day - just chillin. wilin out on the know how we do. lol NOT REALLY. so im walking home right and i get like halfway down my street and a pigs parked outside my house. i go "oh hell no" and ran to the back of my house. by the time i got there the pig was gone? and i was like "ma what the fuck" and she said she had called them cause there was a dirtbike in the backyard? and i was like omfg i cant believe you. but the bike hadnt been reported stolen so nothing now one could do. but still, im sorry but WHAT THE FUCK SHE COULD HAVE GOTTEN ME IN SO MUCH SHIT AND WHY DOES IT MATTER IF THERES A DIRTBIKE IN THE FUCKING YARD?! i was just so pissed. but we got into a fight, but then we started talking. about everything, about how unhappy or whatever we both are, how we both think each other's crazy, about nick, and just about anything.

    - to make a LONG story short she agreed to let nick stay here? whoa. so we're cool and nick came over with troy and all smoked the fuck out. and in the middle of all this me and nick go in my house and he has this conversation with my mom and da da da and i was sitting there high as fuck. i feel like im in a movie? i donno man. but then we went back outside and brittany and desi were here. smoked a j, then came inside and chilled.

    - nicks passed the fuck out. i cant sleep though. i feel like shit is gonna be so different now. cause my moms like all trying to help him get his shit straight and stuff. but ehh i got a feeling everythings gonna be alright. maybe thats just the weed. i donno man. late

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