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* }}|{{ * babyqirl (sexxiisierra) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 16:18:00
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    Burnt out
    Thursday-Best nite of my life!Beans-Drank and Smmoked i was soo fucked up!OMG u dont understand how good that shit feels!Its amazing!

    Friday-Came home at like 10 in the morning notch was sitten here waiten for me=D..Then we feel asleep..Chilled for awhile,Then we got ready and nick josh came and got us and then we went and picked up amanda..Then we bought soome bud came back here and smoked for like 3 hours in joshs car...then we went to jordons and smoked some more then we came back here and smoked then me notch n amanda went bacc inside ate and just chilled.Notch is soo fuckin hilarious all she wanted to do is talk and talk and talk{SHE TALKED ABOUT EVERYTHING} like 10 mins of sleep for the past 4 days

    Saturday-Woke up burned for like 2 hrs then amanda left..And me n notch just chilled then Josh n Nick came over and we chilled here for a lil bit then we went to jordans,Notch Josh Jordan Chrissy and John left..And Me Nick Tebby smoked a blunt..Then they came bacc and notch was so fuckin high it was so funny..!Mike E and Brandon and these too chics came over to jordans OMFG Mike was scaring da shit outta me n notch we cud not stop laughin...Then we left came bacc to my house to get ciggarettes then we went to chrissys chilled for like 10 mins then we went to Wal Mart and smoked a FAT ASS blunt in da parking lot...Then we sat in front of my house and talked Notch was tellin us How lonley she is..It was funny ass hell...Then we came in and ate and passed da fuck out!!
    Thas it for now anyway ill update sum more later!

    {I HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW..!Well i think so anyway!}

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