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m u t t (sexmeupmutt) wrote,
@ 2004-01-11 20:33:00
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    Too Kick Ass

    Cedes says:
    brisa.. i need to tell you something that i think you need to hear
    Brisa says:
    Go ahead.
    Cedes says:
    your going to hate me, more so than you already do.. but i feel the need to tell you, holding it in makes me feel worse. i also hope you realize everything done was done out of care. remember when "happy red avenue" talked to your dad and mentioned your on-line realationship with danny? that was me. i hope you do see, that i did it because i CARED. brisa, i cared. i was scared for you.. i have no fucking clue why anymore. but i was! if you had met him.. and had been killed. no matter how much i want to kill you, i wouldn't be able to live with myself, wouldn't be able to sleep at night.. knowing i had known all along. however, the incident tonight did not involve me.
    Brisa says:
    I didn't think it was you, but I knew you knew the person who did it. But, what I don't understand, was why all the harrassment happened.
    Cedes says:
    i'm sorry.. but i didn't know what to do. you wouldn't listen to me.. so i figured maybe you'd listen to your father.
    Brisa says:
    I understand, and I realised recently that Danny stopped caring, and that he was making this whole thing a complete fantasy. I broke it off two weeks ago. I feel like an ignorant fool, and you're right.
    Cedes says:
    i guess now you see where i was coming from? and don't think i won't rub this in your face
    Brisa says:
    Cedes says:
    when your attack-dog friends came after HappyRedAvenue i stepped in and got involved, because i knew she was innocent and it WASNT the screen name happyredavenue
    Brisa says:
    Kinda. He kinda stopped talking to me, wich pisses me the hell off. I dunno why, but I realised that he was a fucking jerk
    Cedes says:
    Ha.. well, isn't that ex-boyfriend-ish of him

    Cedes says:
    zak's love?
    I was joking
    Cedes says:
    dude.. i swear your on something.. joke or not.. what did you mean? x.x
    Brisa says:
    Well, all he said was for me to tell you to MSN IM him because he lost your screen name and he wanted desperatly to talk to you. I was just joking, trying to piss him off.
    Cedes says:
    you think I'M zak's love? You'd just LOVE to see something like that happen, wouldn't you?

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