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the wheels on the bus... (sexkittten) wrote,
@ 2005-02-11 10:50:00
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    Current mood: weird

    yeah so i passed out at 7 last night and i had a hard time waking up at 10 am this morning...i just can't get enough sleep ever...anyway...i had such a mess of dreams...they were so was so emotionally real...

    so it starts off with me going to a dance or something with another guy...he looked like that kid that rory is trying to hook up with on the gilmore girls...and of course i lie about it to manny...while at the dance i try to break it off with him because manny and i are practically married...and i remember giving him a hug...then trying to leave...but i find him again and give him another hug and a was so hard for me to leave him...finally i gave him one last kiss and we looked at each other like we were making the biggest mistake ever...then all of a sudden its aarons' birthday and he wants to hang out with me for the he drops me off at home manny is there waiting...he asks me if there is anything going on and i say no...

    so other random dreams include my mother going to going to a store and finding a bunch of persian cats....i apparently want a blonde blue eyed cat...but they dont have it....ross insists on keeping bbq sauce and salt and pepper on the space heater...theres a mess...he and chris pull a tv and some video game system into my room...the game has to do with skiing...i get bored and i tell them that the nintendo versian is they pull out just that....then there was something about switching banks because theres no fee for checking....and they give u the playboy i switch and the boys are trying to watch the introductory dvd for the channel, hoping to see something interesting...then theres something about railroads and there being two kids living underneath them....and then i was a cheriff making sure that those kids were in jail...then i dreampt about trying to find a T to go home...and i just could never catch one...the only way to get to a stop that had trains passing by all the time was to go through this creepy old lady's yard, but it was like she was watching for u...every time u attempting to go through her yard really quick she was there...and she made u do something creepy in order to get i find a stop and there are these girls also going home....they invite me to denny's for a snack and i end up ordering a ton of food...apparently there, chicken came with a strawberry sauce and cream cheese...i got that w/ out the sauce...mashed potatoes and tater tots....and they gave me icecream for no reason...then there was a dream about me shopping at walmart and i was making a mouse trap with items in the store...i had to be sneaky because i wasnt buying any of the items...and i remember smelling all of the designer perfumes they had...and a worker kid got really pissed off at cow, who was with had something to do with computers and idea...anyway...thats all i can remember...

    i'm such a weirdo

    interpretations anyone?

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