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Katy (sexikittykat) wrote,
@ 2003-08-30 00:33:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:waaaa.. lol wait not a song... unbreak my heart

    well first off i had a REALI bad dream... it wuz soooo weird n' nasty... ::yucki!!!!:: then i wuz talkin 2 sum ppl.. i dun remember hu.. o n' of course playin 1080... reali fun... o then i figured out that i cud send video emailz... which iz reali kool... told paul n' nathan that.. then paul scared me.. lol... it wuz pretty interesting of course... o n' ima practice on nathan now... newae.. yea then i wuz like reali RAELI upset cuz i cudnt go 2 tha fair.. n' kinda cuz like neither nicole or nathan were gonna b wit da group.. n' my mom reali trusts them 2... which reali suckz.. buh that mite've actually enabled me 2 go.. buh... so i stayed home.. n' then i went n' bought maggiez n' maryz giftz also got vrey VERY dissapointed cuz this shirt that i reali like that i bought it lookz bad on me.. n' itz cuz im fat... n' so did tha skirt... ::sigH::... so now im very not hapi.. cuz im thinkin bout how fat my stomach iz... n' yea... n' i shud b asleep cuz i hafta wake up real earli 2morro

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