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Katy (sexikittykat) wrote,
@ 2003-08-23 12:27:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:ur 1 in a million

    i got bak from da dominican republic at 3:30 last nite... it wuz soooo good... esp patrick... lol... how can i start liking ppl like that.. i mean he thinks i have a great ass... n' umm... yea... lol.. it wuz great tho... i mean we got there n' u c al those palms ((n' feel tha humidity)) n' like da stars r so pretty there... n' da sea.. tha water is like blue/green n' very clear... 4 tah occasional seaweed... n' windsurfin.. lol hey by the end i cud at least stand on da surf thingy... itz not as easi as it lookz ppl.... tha showz.. were sooo good... n' so funi.. imeani onli danced once 2 those song... which wuz like a reali big mistake cuz i shud've danced all da time.. buh also da disco... wuz like whoa.. lol.. i mean reali if i had sum of mah friendz there... we'd b having sooooo much fun.... buh yea... so nw im kinda tired... i mean... i dun wanna think bout skool or nethin like that... i mean i dun wanna have responsibility again! there it wuz like ok do w/e... buh here... ::Waaa::... so yea... o n' i got mrs.hayward as my teacher... wunder if shez a good or not... :-\

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