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Katy (sexikittykat) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 17:34:00
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    Current mood:evil
    Current music:zoe jane by staind... ((lol chris.. itz staind))

    well so far it has been soooooooooooooooo boring here sittin at home... cuz u kno i woke up at 12 cuz of my mom calling me ((lol... hey! i went 2 sleep at 5... lol adrian that wuz 1 weird convo..)) yea so then i woke up turned on tha comp.. n' yea so i've jus been talkin 2 ppl, listening 2 music, n' playing games all dae.. well i did read a lil bit... o n then i umm took a lil walk in my condo... lol.. memories.. lol.. dam.. dat clubhouse has 2 mani memories now... first mah bdae parti.. now dis parti... wEiRd... ya so like irena still hasn't sent me da thing that i wanted/needed her 2 send 2 me... rrrr... lol.. n' my mood iz a lot better now.. buh then again that might hafta do wit the evil plan that i have... ::hehe::.. i mean im a nice lil girl.. im an angel.. lol.. so yea... it shud b fun.. mabie take sum time awae from me thinkin bout sumbodi.. so like totally.. LoL.. o n' IM NOT A PREP... lol.. sry... jus had 2 do that... yea.. now ima jus go n' b bored again.. o n' 2dae i met dis guy huz 17 n' he livez in Greenwich... lol.. he seemz kool.. ya.. so like yea... o n' now i hafta wait 4 adrian 2 come on cuz i gotta talk 2 him bout suttin...

    *u can't lose suttin u neva had... so i have nuttin 2 lose*

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