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Katy (sexikittykat) wrote,
@ 2003-07-20 23:42:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:ur one in a million ::dedicated::

    so like 2dae i woke up n' i wuz still kinda feeling bad bout last nite.. n' then i wuz talkin 2 irena n' stuff... n' she invited me 2 her pool 2 make me feel better... so then i went over her house n'like at that pool i saw adrian.. hum i haven't seen since like halloween wen he asked me out n' i said yes.. LoL... so then like we were swimming n' stuff.. then we played dis game wit a ball n' like i had 2 guard him so like then i got the ball n' like 2 timez he like thre me.. so like yea.. it wuz kinda scari.. n' then he like got dis bubble gun thing.. n' he wuz shootin it at me n' it wuz INAPPROPRIATE... VERY... so he wuz harrassing me.. LoL.. not literary.. buh.. n' then irena n' i went 2 her house... n' like i wuz talkin 2 sum1.. we had a very interesting convo after which i wuz very hapi.. ((irena saez i cudnt stop smiling)) yea... then we went 2 watch how 2 lose a guy in 10 daez... then we went bak 2 chat 2 ppl.. n' then i saw suttin which turned my whole dae upside down.. so rite now im feeling u kno quite sad... buh itz k.. cuz itz no1z fault reali... onli my own i gues... so yea.. n' datz da wae life iz... o n' 2 top it all off my best friend greg wunt talk 2 me.. so u kno itz jus been a wonderful dae... wunder wut 2morroz like..

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