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* MiKeS bAbY gIrL..* (sexii_kitty_x0) wrote,
@ 2004-11-20 14:08:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music: SoLdIeR-dEsTiNyS cHiLd-

    ::* nO, i wOnt be Okay.. *::
    last nite..i went 2 the mall with nina...michael n weinke were there toO* sO was lauryn..yeah n alOtta Other peOple were there toO but i dOnt feel lyk naming them since im nOt in the moOd...PEOPLE PISS ME OFF! well wutever ima dO a survey nOw..bye!

    .*C U R R E N T.*
    [ Current Mood ] im freeeeezing n kinda pissed at som people
    [ Current Music ] soldier
    [ Current Taste ] orbit gum
    [ Current Make-up ] eyeliner mascara lipgloss n eyeshadow
    [ Current Hair ] same as always
    [ Current Annoyance ] UGHH!!
    [ Current Smell ] my perfume
    [ Current Favorite Artist ] hmmmmm
    [ Current Desktop Picture ] palm treees
    [ Current Favorite Group ] ...??
    [ Current Book you're reading ] not reading anything
    [ Current CD in CD Player] ja rule destinys child..
    [ Current Color Of Toenails ] pinky
    [ Current Refreshment ] french vanilla iced coffee
    [ Current Worry ] mikey hates me

    [ You Touched ] lauren
    [ You Talked to ] my daddy
    [ You Hugged ] nina
    [ You Instant messaged ] michael
    [ You Yelled At ] ughh!!!!!!!!!!
    [ You Kissed ] michael

    ARE YOU...
    [ Understanding ] all the tyme
    [ Open-minded ] shure
    [ Arrogant ] huh?
    [ Insecure ] yeah
    [ Interesting ] i guess so
    [ Random ] yeahhhh
    [ Hungry ] no
    [ Friendly ] yeah
    [ Smart ] HA
    [ Moody ] somtymes
    [ Childish ] somtymes
    [ Independent ] shure
    [ Hard working ] wen i wanna
    [ Organized ] somtymes
    [ Emotionally Stable ] no
    [ Difficult ] yeah
    [ Attractive ] dont think so
    [ Bored Easily ] yeahhh
    [ Messy ] somtymes
    [ Thirsty ] not rite now
    [ Responsible ] yeah
    [ Obsessed ] with michael yeah
    [ Angry ] somtymes
    [ Sad ] somtymes
    [ Happy ] yep
    [ Hyper ] yeah
    [ Trusting ] yepp
    [ Talkative ] yeahhh

    [ Kill ] someone
    [ Slap ] someone
    [ Get Really Wasted With ] someone
    [ Get High With ] someone
    [ Look Like] me just kidding

    -W H O-
    [makes u laugh the most?] my friiends
    [makes you smile] michael
    [gives u a funny feeling when u see them] michael
    [who do you have a crush on?] i am in love with mike
    [has a crush on u?] no one?
    [is easiest to talk to] my friendss

    -D O. Y O U .E V E R-
    [sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. you?] nope
    [save aol/aim conversations] yep
    [Wish u were a member of the opposite sexs] no
    [cried because of someone saying something to you] yeah

    -H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
    [fallen for your best friend] no
    [been rejected] lemme think....umm no
    [rejected someone] yeah
    [used someone] ......shhhhhh
    [been cheated on] GR!
    [done something you regret] yeahhh

    -D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
    [smoke cigarettes] nope
    [obsessive] yes
    [could u live without the computer?] nope
    [color ur hair] no
    [ever get off the damn computer] wen i sleep
    [habla espanol] wuuuuttttt
    [how many peeps are on ur buddylist?] 198
    [drink alchohol?] no
    [like watching sunrises or sunset] nope
    [what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain] emotional

    -N U M B E R-
    [of times I have had my heart broken? ] twice
    [of hearts have broken? ] umm?
    [of guys I have kissed? ] blahhh 4ish?
    [of girls I have kisseed? ] zerooo
    [of cd's that I own? ] too many 2 count
    [of scars on my body?] just a few
    [of things in my past that I regret?] 2

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