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~**Sara**~ (sexiestmanjdw05) wrote,
@ 2004-08-13 20:36:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:**blink-182 > im lost without you**

    **IaM i'M lOsT wItHoUt YoU**
    Last night i was thinking while i was writing about everything i need to get out cuz i have no one to talk one understands....but here i go newayz but its not like anyone reads this or nething so its like a waste of my time....but im over everything else specially my life right now....

    Yesterday when i got to talk to darius again i was so happy to find out that bobby was gonna be ohk...he doesnt have to have his leg amp. and i have been praying and wishing for him to be ohk forever and i thank god everyday that i know hes there and he helped me through this that i know he answered my prayer.....its funny how you say you love someone then you dont actually realize how much you really do love someone till something happens to them....and its just stupid that someone has to get hurt or die for you just to figure out that you really do love them and they do mean the world to you and you seriously would do anything for them.....i did finally realize it when my friend died then i forgot about something stupid like that and didnt realize again till this happened and i just cant quit thinking about it it jus runs through my head 24/7 i have dreams about something happinin and everything.....i hate how this world that i live in for only a short time can ruin you...your life and your soul and your body this wonderful world that god made for you and you have to go and ruin it your only here for a short time...but alwayz remeber the reason for why you are here and why god would put you here and how he is your best friend and he will answer your prayers he understands everything hes the only one who truely does he knows why your crying or why your acting a certain way and when you have one thought in your mind that hes not there for you THINK AGAIN cuz he is and he alwayz has been and he always will be and when you think your life shouldnt be here anymore because what is going on in your life think of what he did for you.....he died on the cross to save our lifes and look what we all are doing to him in return! think about it and i def. have and i know that he will alwayz be there for me when i think no one is....and he has answered my prayer that my friend to be ohk and he will answer yours too.......later ~**the one and only...sara**

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