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~**Sara**~ (sexiestmanjdw05) wrote,
@ 2004-07-14 15:03:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:*3 doors down cd*

    *why, why, why?? blah*
    *So life sucks, nothing new there! Everything goes wrong in my life.....nothing rarely ever happens joke. But why i like this kid named Monte and c i have a friend named Jenelle and c me and Jenelle r like best friends and c my other friends like Courtney and Winter told Monte that i liked him kk well then ya know in the last entry what he does then Jenelle goes with him to smoke and then after skewl was over i was talking to her and i was like woe look at monte and blah blah blah talkin ya kno then shes like uhh Monte asked me out and im like when and shes like jus a few sec ago and im like oh and shes like but i havent answered him yet then shes like im srry and then she goes and tells courtney and then shes like i feel bad and ya know what she should too i dont want to b mean cuz i love her but i mean cmon i like him a lot and even courtney said if she were jenelle she wouldnt go with him and courtney also told me that jenelle told her that she likes monte but not a lot im like mmm yeah well thats jus one thing that went wrong in my life trust me i have a lot more where that came then theres this kid that is absoulutly georgeous and his name is trevor but i call him orlando cuz he looks exactly like him and then theres this kid named roland or w/e and i was nice to him today and bought him pizza and everything then he finds out i like trevor and wanted to tell him in front of me then i was like no dont do that so then lata when we were bak in class cuz that was at lunch break he went bak there and sat by trevor and his friends and started talking to em and im pretty sure he told him i had the hotts for him cuz ya know then dj was yelling at me that roland had been calling me so when i look bak at roland trevor jus looks down while smiling and roland blames it on him......w/e i was so mad..... i jus hate people i hate everything and everyone guys are such jerks!! i hate em all every single one of em and if for a second you think a guy is sweet or nice think again cuz their not! ya know what its probably jus my luck cuz everyone hates me bcuz im uhgly and fat sorry i cant help it ppl what am i suppose to do jus die actually it doesnt sound like a bad idea right now i told courtney jus to burn me cuz she was trying to i jus told her to kill me right there and then so i wouldnt have to go on...ohk i kno im fat and actually i have lost a lot of weight but its still hard you cant jus be fat one day and the next b skinny even tho i have went down 2 pant sizes and a shirt size and still more too......well i have been crying for 2 hours now so im gonna go now talk to whoever lata pc! ~*the fat and ugly Sara*~

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