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Sexiebella (sexiebella18) wrote,
@ 2004-03-08 00:04:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Elton John~ In the heart of every girl

    Before i hit the sack...
    so just a quickie *hehehehe*...

    weekend was nice. i went home to do a godly load of laundry and drive my car back. mommy and daddy took me to a Filippino restaurant in Arlington on Sat... yummy! then went with the family to see Hildago. it was a good movie. i enjoyed it. but still need to see the Passion of The Christ!! after the movie we went to Border for some yummy-in-the-tummy hot chocolate!!

    now back in school (Sun). went to church and had Dim Sum with the family. going home = GOOD FOOD!! so overall my weekend was fun. AND i got my math homework done. i usually never get any work done at home. go me :o)

    *** so we finally have a decision on Spring Break. daddy doesn't think that it's appropriate at my age to be going to see Brandon all by myself. to place it frankly, they don't trust us not to have sex. *sigh* well, since he and mommy pay for my college and any trip that i go on i can't really agrue. plus it wouldn't accomplish anything. so i'm going to Myrtle Beach with Jadie!! Equally exciting and fun!! since Jade's parents have a timeshare we don't have to pay for the hotel... just gas cuz we're roadtripping, food, and pocket money. we're staying at beach resort: Fairfields Resort on Ocean Blvd!! and OMG!! the pics of the place are soooo awesome!! the room is AWESOME!! kitchen, 3 bedrooms, rooms 6-10 people!! PLUS not parentals... can you say PARTY?!

    i can't wait to go tanning!! i'm sooo exicted right now i dunno how i'm gonna be able to concentrate on my studies. can't wait for Spring Break!!

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