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Sexiebella (sexiebella18) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 14:10:00
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    Current mood: drained

    My poor poor tum tum!!
    Damn people in the Commons don't know how to cook Chinese food!! you would have thought that i'd have learned from last semester, but no. well, def no more chinese from the Commons let me tell you!!

    my french class got cancelled tonday due to "unforseen circumstances". oh well. now i have more time to study and catch up on homework. I have 3 quizzes this week: Chem, Calc, and French AND homework problems for calc. *sigh* so much work!! it hurts my head. it's only the 2nd week of classes and i'm already tired. why does chemistry have to be sooooo BORING!! my prof seems okay... kinda boring lectures, but i gotta give him props from trying cuz he really seems to be. math is ok cuz it's kinda like AP calc, so not much new stuff and my prof is really nice. french... dunno yet. prof is kinda intimidating and not as charismatic as my previous one. Bio 301, def my fav so far. very interesting class (Evolution... Ecology is the 2nd half) and the prof is good. funny guy. yay for the british accent!!

    um, so update on me & brandon... he's coming down to visit on the 13th. Hooray!! soooo exciting!! only 11 more days :o) he'll be here for 2 days and a half and then driving his truck back up to Illinois on Monday. i'm so glad that he gets to visit though. i miss him soooo much, but at least i get a phone call everyday :o)

    well, i'm to rest my head for a few mins cuz i've gotta slight headache and then back to doing endless homework!!

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