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Samantha (sexiebabie2o) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 22:45:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Godsmack - voodoo

    yes okay my first entry thingy lol yea watch me screw it up! i*ve seen some majroly cute journals on here and i deff wanna get mine lookin that cute but i gotta figure this thing out first.

    I*ve been out at Sylvania HS all weekend...what a waste! But Randy was there so it made it worth the while even thought the boyfriend was gone all weekend! Too many blonde moments though...Like trying to open a door that didnt have a handle on the outside...Running into a cop car...Almost driving into a '03 spyder eclipse convertible (it was such a HOTT car!)...answering someone elses cell phone who i had no clue who it was thinkin it was mine! and so many more to name...falling on the gym floor flat on my butt! yea randy got a good laugh out of that one. This one kid came up to me and said "You*re from CSHS aren*t you?" and i said yes...and he was like "yeah i*ve seen you around" and that was the jist of the convo...i*ve NEVER seen this kid before in my life, haha...probably just another stupid freshman!

    No school tomorrow or Tuesday...that so makes my week! No cheerleading practice tomorrow (i hope!) cuz i have a doctor*s appt to get my knee re-checked so i can fully practice again n hopefully get back to tumbling! I*ve been practicing the *Bouncy* and *Jiggy* dances like crazy...even though i got them down they*re i*m still addicted to them...

    Me and Rachel Mae just had the funniest shortest AIM convo ever...Basically here*s how it went
    BuccaneersBabe: GO BUCS!
    YankeesBabie: LOL GO YANKEES!
    dunno why but that made me laugh for like 10 minutes...probably because we*re so damn cool to have the hott screen names like that...even though they have been modified and changed to be put in here! Speaking of which...Tampa Bay lost to SF...major Bummerumer! But my babe*s team lost too so it*s all good :o) Yankees are kickin major butt right now like 5-0...i hope they win... THEY GONNA WIN THE 'SHIP, THEY GONNA WIN THE 'SHIP!

    Dunno if i*m transferring to SUA or CCHS yet, I want to but i*m not sure at all. SUA has a great dance program which is awesome, i wish Stritch had one but we dont...but they dont have cheerleading so that sucks! I*m not letting Rachel transfer to Start...i*ll stay at Stritch if she does but she cant go there because i said so! Sam can transferr to Woodward or Whitmer or wherever if she wants though...not tryin to be bitchy but right now i could really care less!

    Totally sad about Nick and Jeff transferring, Jeff was my Honors Bio friend...and now he*s gone off to lake :o( darn it! and i*ve never ever ever went to school without nick but NOOO he had to leave me and go to Whitmer! aww i miss him!! i miss Bryan too...does anyone know where he*s going to school now? hmm i wonder... i*ll ask David Wednesday in Bio...or Josh in Bio...they*ll know (i hope!)

    I*m still torn about what to do this winter...cheerleading or basketball...i wanted to play bball really bad this year cuz i missed it from not playin this year but cheer is just so much fun so i dont know...i still have to think on it. That would suck though because open-gym*s for bball practice are right after cheer practice and that*d get tiring...hmm i dont know!

    ahhhh i*m just still sittin here waiting for Jeremy to call me cuz i gotta talk to him! i guess he*s livin with James now instead of his huh? that*s just some crazzzyyy stuff...i gotta find out what*s going on with that!

    Well i*m gonna go talk to the boyfriend cuz i*m spent! HoLLeRrRr!

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