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KaRa (sexibabygirlx) wrote,
@ 2012-02-07 10:48:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:dont forget me-red hot chili peppers

    lastnight and today
    so lastnight [monday] after i updated i chilled online for a bit, had some coffee, chilled pnline, txt derek for a bit, was bored for awhile and then i watched cottage, that movie was ok, it was more of comedy then horror really, i didnt like it so much, then i had some more cofffee, and then chilled online for a bit lol, video chat w/ derek for a bit til he decided to take a nap, and then i watched no mans land rise of the reeker, and that one was pretty good, deff better then the first, and then i had some coffee, chilled online for a bit, watched alice in murderland, in the middle of it i stopped and talked to derek on webcam for a bit, then finish my movie, and then ate dinner, and then chilled online for a bit, derek was tired so he passedout early, and then i watched lets scared lets scared jessica to death, such a good movie, classic 70s horror <3 and then i talked to sami for a bit then passedout, then today [tuesday] i slept slept and slept more i kept waking up on and off, i couldnt sleep well at all lastnight, what a surprise, so i got up around 10 even through i thought it said 11 cause jenni called me, i talked to her for a bit, and then i txt derek and some other ppl and now im bored online about to have some coffee, later im suppose to go to the mall w/ jenni cause she wants to shoppin, but who knows when that will be but other then that i have no other plans, i guess ill see how the day goes its still early and be cool to do somethin seeing im off again but other then that nothin is goin on so im out for now later


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