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KaRa (sexibabygirlx) wrote,
@ 2012-02-03 18:31:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:last resort-papa roach

    lastnight and today
    so lastnight [thrusday] after i updated i chilled online, finish having coffee, and then i talked to sami for a bit, and then i got dressed and then i left around 6ish to go to starbucks to meet up w/ jen moore and her friend betty, they were late getting there..but they eventually came..and we chilled and drank coffee, i got white mochoa and i put extra vanilla in it, was so so so good, and we just chilled and talked and i acted like my silly self, good times, i had fun, then around 8ish we left, so betty gave me a ride home so i didnt have to walk in the cold which was nice of her, then i came home had more coffee, then chilled online for awhile, ate some foods, started watching 12 monkeys, but its really long, and around midnight i decided to stop it, i was getting to tired, so i txt derek then passedout, then today [friday]] i slept slept and slept more i kept waking up on and off, then of course i over slept and miss the train i wanted to take to walk to work, so i got up around 10ish, went online had some coffee, got readi for work, and then i talked to jenni for a bit, and then walked to the train station, waited for the train, read on the train, got to bayshore 2 mins to 12 so i was gona be late to work ughh, so i took taxi to work, thats when my bad day started, the taxi dude didnt have a change of a 10, so he couldnt give me change which was noly 3 bucks still the point he told me to go get change and i said fuck it, im late and let him keep it, like how does a taxi driver not have change like REALLY, bad enough i was almost 10 mins late for work, not like they even said anything..and then i went into work, kept having problems w/ work, so annoying, it was just annoying day and bad day, but good note my check wasnt as terrible i thought it was gona be, so i was able to give my mom atleast 100 dollars lol, and surprisely she didnt bitched at all, i was amazed, work went fast, so i got out on time, had to wait for my mom so i was bored doin that talkin to natile for a bit in the abck and wrote down the new schdule which REALLY sucks bad but hopefully ppl will take the hours i dont want i kno one person did so i can go to katie's babyshower, eventually my mom came and we went and cash my check then went back to target so i can get katie's babyshower gift, and then i came home, came home went online and now im bored drinkin coffee, txt derek a bit not sure what im doin tonight, i was suppose to go to the city tonight to meet up wit jc and ppl for this band thing but i got picked up too late frm work, and by the time i got home it was too late, i would neevr make it time, and i was tired as it was, and i decided to stay home anyways cause my check wasnt that good as it was, man it sucks being poor lol, so now i have no plans..but i am offf tomorrow so it would be cool to do somethin ...idk its still early ill see how the night goes, but other then that nothin is goin on so im out for now later


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