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KaRa (sexibabygirlx) wrote,
@ 2012-01-30 14:01:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:cut me-mushroomhead

    lastnight and today
    poof i went..

    so [saturday] after i updated i chilled online for a bit, then me and my mom went to the bank, and then to the thriftstore i got 3 dvds tehre [when stranger calls. the devils rejects and matrix reloaded all for a dollar and i got mushroomhead hoodie for a dollar which made me super happy and then we came back to house cause she had some stuff to do befor we went to the mall, so i had more coffee, and while i waited for her i spoke to derek on webcam for awhile, then i went to the mall, walked around for a bit, the store was close for good so i didnt get REALLY cheap dvds, oh well, went into a couple stores, then jamie met up w/ me, then we chilled at the mall for a bit, my mom left cause i had a ride home later, so we went and got foods, and then eventually liz and jaque came and got us, and we went to sevs and got beer, the dude gave me the wrong change back so techincally got my beer for free plus extra 2 bucks, fuckin awesome lol and then we went back to liz and jacque apt and chilled there, people kept coming through, we got a lil loud and tehre landlord didnt like it very much, so kinda kicked us out, no big deal, so we all went to stonybrook and chilld at dougs house in the garge and chilled and drank more or whateevr, then i talked to my boyfriend and ended up getting a fight w/ him for no fuckin reason, it was soo annoying, i dont kno why i act so stupid sometimes, so i got home late, but derek was still awake so i went online and talked to him videochat, and i was being a shithead, but we fix everything, i felt so bad next day through, i do love this boy i dont want to fuck shit up its not very often me and derek fight ever but then again it was more like me, eventually i passedout mad late, then [sunday] i slept all day pretty much, felt horrible woke up around 2 somethin, called derek and talked to him for a bit, but he wanted to go back to sleep, so i decided to call outa work, i wasnt feelin well at all and i kno i wouldnt survive at work standing on a busy sunday, so i calleed out, they didnt seem to mind, i really need the money but what am i gona do =/then i just chilled downstairs and watched movies wasnt feelin well at all, eventually i ate dinner, then i try to go to sleep, but of course i couldnt, i talked to derek on webcam around midnight, and we talked for awhile, which made me happy even through i felt sick as hell, then i got off webcam around 3ish, and then attempt to sleep, and then i was tossig and turning all night til about almost 6am when i finally did go to sleep, then today [monday]i slept slept and slept more,i kept waking up on and off, the phone kept ringing, it was so annoying, then finally i got up around 1 somethin, got up, went online, and then txt the boyfriend, and talked to others online, and now im bored drinkin coffee, not sure what im doin today i have no plans but im off today tomorrow and wed, so it be nice to do somethin, but its still early so i guess ill see how the day goes, but other then that nothin is goin on so im out for now later


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