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DESTINY (sexi_destiny) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 12:52:00
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    Current mood: confused

    HeY wElL i JuSt WoKe Up N iM bOrEd Az HeLl. YeStErDaI aLoT oF sHyT hApPeNeD wHiCh ReAlLy SuX'D WeLl KiNdA. aFtA i HaD dOnE jOuRnAl YeStErDaI mIcHaEl A. n ChRiS hAd CuM 2 Mi CaSa So I gOt OfF lInE n W.E wE dIdNt Do MuCh BuT cHiLl N sHyT dEn LyK 5-10 MiNs LaTa 2 mOe GuYz CaMe By wHiCh WaS cRiStIaN n OsCaR n DeY wErE wIt JuLiO bUt We DiDnT rEaLlY lYk EaCh OtHa 2 MuCh So He StAyEd OuT sIdE n oScAr N crIsTiAn CaMe InSiDe So BaSIcAlLy DeR wAs A lIl PaRtY iN mI rOoM. lOl. WeLl ChRiS lEfT cUz He FeLt BaD lEaViN jUlIo OuT sIdE bY hIm SeLf So He SaId ByE. aFtA a WhIlE dEy AlL lEfT 2 Go 2 cArLoS'S cAsA. wEn DeY lEfT dEy ToOk Mi WaLeT wHiCh DeY tHoUgHt It WaS cHrIs's CuZ dEy BoTh R bLaCk N dEy LeFt ChRiStIaNs CeLlY sO dEy CaMe BaK wIt CaRlOs N wE aLl ChIlLeD hEa. bUt OfCoUrSe Mi G-Ma Is A bItCh SuM tImEs N sHe DoEsNt TrUsT mI wIt GuYs N iF sHe DoEs ItS oNlI cErTaIn WuNs WhIcH pIsSeS mI oFf. wElL sHe KeEp ChEcKiN uP oN mI 2 C wUt WaS gOiN oN i GuEsS sHe ThOuGhT wE wUd Do SuM tHiN wHiCh WaS gOnNa HaPpEn CuZ Fo WuN iM nOt StUpId I wUdNt Do ShYt In Mi CaSa Or OuT sIdE eXsPeCiAlLy ArOuNd HeR n sEcOnD oF aLl wEn Im WiT sUm WuN iM fAiThFuL n Im NoT nO pLaYa BuT sHe HaS nO iDeA dAt Im WiT hIm. wElL mI n NiGeL wErE gOnNA gO oUt AfTa He WaS fInIsHeD wIt EvErY tHiN bUt DeN wEn I aSkEd mI g-mA sHe SaId No CuZ nO wUn ElEs WaS gOiN wHiCh PiSsEd Mi OfF mOe CuZ wTf ShE kNoS hIm N eVeRy ThIn So I cALlEd Mi UnClE oN mI cElLy WhIlE i WaS oUt SiDe CuZ i KnEw If I wEnT iNsIdE mI g-mA wUd TeLl Mi 2 cUm BaK iNsIdE. sO w.e ShE eNdEd Up PiKiN uP dA fOnE n ShYt So ShE tOlD mI 2 Go BaK iNsIdE n I tOlD hEr OkIe In A fEw MiN. sO mI n Mi UnClE tAlKeD n He ToLd Mi 2 cAlM dOwN cUz I hAvE sUm AnGeR pRoBlEmS! n He ToLd Mi DaT wEn I cUm In 2 bE gOoD n ShE'Ll LeT mI Go WiT nIgEl. So I wAs GoIn 2 cOnTrOl Mi BiTcHy-NeSs. LoL. bUt WeN i WaS cUmIn BaK cArLoS WaNtEd WaTeR sO i GaVe HiM sUm N wHiLe I wAs GeTtIN dAt Mi G-Ma WaS fUkIn ScReAmIn @ Mi TaLkIn ShYt So I cUdNt TaKe It N dEn I wEnT a WaI 4Rm HeR cUz ShE wAs PiSsIn Mi OfF aFtA cArLoS lEfT i WeNt BaK iNsIdE n ShE wAs TaLkIn BoUt Mi N sHe StArTeD tAlKiN sHyT bOuT mI n CoMpArIn Mi 2 a FuKiN sLuT wHiCh DeN dAt ReAlLy PiSsEd Mi OfF cUz PpL aLwAiZ tAlK sHyT n CaLl Mi SlUt Or A hOe WhIcH iM nOt N dAtS fAmIlY sO wUt dA fUk DeY sHuDnT bE cAlLiN u DaT eVeN iF u R, WhIcH i AiNt. BuT wEn I hEaRd DaT i SlAmMeD Mi BeD rOoM dOoR n ShE cAmE bUsTiN iN dEr ScReAmIn @ Mi EvEn Mi EvEn MoE tAlKiN mOe ShYt N SaYiN dAt ShE dId SaI tHoS tHiNs WhIcH iS b.s N dAt I cAnT gO oUt N dAt ShEs GoNnA tElL mI mOmMy EvErY tHiN wHiCh DeRs NoT mUcH 2 TeLl N Mi MoM kNoS mOe DeN hEr 4 dA mOsT pArT cUz I tELl Mi MoMmY AlMoSt eVeRy ThIn. So YeA. i ToOk Mi ShOwEr N aFtA i CaLlEd Mi MoMmY 2 TeLl HeR wUt HaPpEnEd N dAt I wAnTeD 2 MoVe WiT hEr N sHe ToLd Mi 2 cAlM dOwN cUZ i WaS rEaLlY uPsEt N sHyT aLsO dAt ShE tOlD mI 2 HaVe Mi TiMe 2 tHiNk BoUt It N wEn Im NoT uPsEt N tHoUgHt BoUt It I cUd TaLk BoUt It WiT hEr N c If I sTiLl WaNt 2 i CuD. bUt Im NoT sUrE cUz DRs TiMeS dAt I wAnNa Be WiTY mI mOm N tImEs I wAnNa Be WiT mI g-mA ItS aLl CuZ dEy BoTh R vErY dIfF. n I kNo WhO 2 Go 4 sUm ThInS n WhO nOt 2 gO 4 oThA tHiNs. So Im GoNnA tHiNk BoUt It AlOt N tAlK 2 SuM pPlZ n ShYt CuZ dIs ShYt NeEdS 2 StOp U KnO sO w.e. AfTa EvErY tHiN i TaLkEd 2 mI mAn CuZ hE cAlLeD.. tHaNxS gOd CuZ i ReAlLy NeEdEd SuM wUn 2 cHeEr Mi Up. i HoPe 2 c HiM dIs WeEkEnD cUz DeN iLl ReAlLy FeEl BeTtA n I tHiNk I nEeD aLoT oF tImE 2 ChEeR uP N bE wIt PpLz I cArE bOuT N cArE bOuT mI. WeLl AfTa tAlKiN 2 HiM hE hAd 2 gO sO i TaLkEd 2 sUm OtHa PpLz On Da FoNe N wAtChEd T.V n FeLl AlSeEp. So YeA. DaT wAs BsIcAlLy YeStErDaI n 2dAi iS bOrIn As HeLl CuZ i HaVe No CaR sO i CaNt Go N-E wErE CuZ eVeRy WuN dAt WuD gIvE mI a RiDe Is EiThEr bIzZy Or DoEsNt HaVe DeR cAr So Im StUcK @ hOmE 4 NoE. wElL iM a Be gEtTiN mI sElF rEaDy NoE cUz I gOt SuM tHiNs 2 dO

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