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Gold Dragon (senzuquint) wrote,
@ 2003-05-27 18:03:00
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    Another boring day
    Here I am on my day off being just as bored. Yesterday was another great day. I was relief once again and it was the most wonderful day. I yet again had all my breaks, save for an hour, and my push-ins were pretty easy other than the fact that some were on the other side of the park. I got to be Critter Country/ Haunted Mansion. Fun stuff.

    Well afterwards we went to Denny's, yet again. This time it was the one on West. It's smaller than the one on State College but I felt more at home at this one. I got a ride from Clint, good thing it wasn't Wednesday or Sunday.

    We (Jade, Nina, Clint and I) left together from the office like usual. It was great. Things were going fine. Bryan was supposed to go but I think he had school. Oh well. Then Nina called up B but he was on their way to the one across the street. B hightailed it over to Ball via the cast tram by Habor Point over to Ball Lot and made his way over.

    We had all finished eating, talking about Magic: the Gathering, Jade's adventures, girl problems and then B comes in. He's all chipper and Jade and I move over and he sits next to Jade. He seems to be okay. Nina gives him all of the food she left for him...

    After he's done he brings out a pack of uno cards and asks who want's to play. The only person that doesn't play is Nina. She's on the phone with her best friend. I hope everything is still cool but I'm sure now after last night Jade is a little more clued into the whole problem. I think even Clint went home knowing more.

    Anyway I hope things clear up and I hope ODV can be better soon. We need to unite as one and by doing so we may make DL a better place to work.

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