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Gold Dragon (senzuquint) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 16:27:00
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    One Last thought...
    Since my last actual entry I have been thinking. After reading my friends' journal entries I've decided to give my last thoughts for the day, for a while...

    Nina- Thanks. For snapping me out of the fantasy world I have lived in for so long. For bringing me peace of mind. What will happen will happen. Chances lost may be chances gained and past will almost always become future.

    Jade- Keep your head up don't let all the crap clould your mind. "Do or do not. There is no try" Do not and nothing will happen. You have a chance to give what you wish to recieve. What you may not know, but wish, may come true. Let your heart guide you and your mind take you places you have never been. Only then will you truely find pleasure in life.

    Joe- What a load of crap. People don't like you not because you don't look "cute" or because they don't understand your personality. It's because you never gave them a chance. Anyway why are you going after in your words, "...girls who already have b/f..." They have boyfriends because of how they feel for their boyfriends. Of course they're not going to want to be with you. You did waste your time writing and telling them things they wanted to hear but you never really meant.

    Jamal- Do as you wish. You have all my support. You have the support of a great many people. But the more pain you have to endure the more pain your support will have to endure. Your decisions are not only your own. your friends support but may not accept your pains. I do not accept the pain you are going through simply because it is very unnecessary. You have had many chances yet you never take them because the pain also comes with great times. What if you could have the great times but not the pain? Do as you will. I will still be here but remember I will not tolerate nor accept the pain.

    Neil- You know why you are hurting. I am here for you also but your pain is also unnecessary also and you may not have to hurt but you do. I am here for you too but your pain I will not tolerate nor will I accept.

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