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Omen Child Seiene (seiene) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 01:36:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:The Genocide Song - Trigun

    Ever hear the expression "tongue-in-cheek"? I think it should be changed to tongue-in-ear. Heh, its a thought.

    First order of business, I got your 'Fuck You' message, Koe. In answer to that, I'd like to say fuck you. -grins- And don't think I'm above it either, child. It's a means to manipulate you, eventually control you, and get what I want. With that stomach churning image out of mind, today was one of peace. My Creator and I have not fought for most of the day. I'd say there were less than 3 squirmishes because we were both cooperative. She had decided on giving me a new look, I see. It isn't so bad. Not exactly my usual style, but flattering nonetheless. I was told that I compared to this person. The links below are just teasers I found. I'll look more into this person and produce better images later.

    [A] Facial shot
    [B] Outfit shot

    Before you get all alarmed and rev up your fan girl giggling motors, I do not wear glasses. My vision is perfect and then some. The Niqueish just saw it fit to slap a pair on me, however. I'm glad they weren't prescribed. The attire is more comfortable than I thought and sweeping my hair up into a clamp was alright too. I never wear my hair up, so the cool air on the back of my bare neck was welcoming. Anyway, I had claimed a spot for myself on the countertop in the kitchen and contented myself with reading a book. (NO, it wasn't upside down. This time.) Just before that, I was handed the notations of Last Eden and my race of people. They were given to me so I could perform some critical revisions, if necessary, and immediately turn them back in to be finalized and typed. The majority of it was pretty accurate. It should have been. -_- Niqueish created everything. Tch. Of course my work habits are sloppy so I put the notes aside and continued reading until I was distracted by a surprise visit from Echo. Turns out he missed me just as much as I missed him. We had longed for each other for quite some time but were unable to satisfy our physical hunger because of opposing, outside matters. His kiss was still as wholesome and sweet as it had been the first time we met and the simple conversation in each other's arms was painfully reassuring. It was short-lived and he was torn away again, but it's alright. I'll see him again very soon. Perhaps I'll busy myself with tending to those notes.

    I'm still awake because Lotan insisted that I meet his mother. She reminds me so much of my own. I see where he gets his modesty, grace, beauty, everything, from. She's a magnificent woman, Andromede. Seeing her with child is a wonderful thing. She's produced another gentle soul to bless this world. Much luck to her. Lo will make just as good a big brother as he is a warrior. What still pokes at me is the fact that Andromede approves of me despite my reputation. Such a rare thing acceptance is for me. It looks like I didn't do such a bad job after all with raising Lo.

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