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Sydney Donahoe (seepy87) wrote,
@ 2005-05-19 13:10:00
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    Current mood:feeling much better, thank you
    Current music:bring on the rain

    Last Day Here...
    Now that it is day time and I am no longer stoned or drunk, I am still just as firey pissed as I was last night....only difference is that now I am coming up with justifications for my thoughts and future actions, ones I should not be having. I hate being this pissed, especially when i don't understand why what happened happened. If I could understand at least where the other person was coming from, then cool, I can understand, but when it is just beyond my rationale....what do you do???

    Anyway, just finish today and go home tomorrow, this all goes away from the forefront of my mind....but what irks me is that I know it will happen again... get me out of this fucking town...

    I love Sean. I love Sean. I love Sean. I love Sean!!!!! (thinking of Sean and the way he makes me feel and the way we are makes the rest of the world not goes away and I am left in my content little world with the perfection of "us") I love Sean!!! I love Sean!!! I love Sean Liam Donahoe!!!!!!!!!!!!! (feel like I am a fifth grader, covering my notebooks with "Sydney Donahoe" and "I love Sean"s)

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