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.sedated.illusion. (sedatedillusion) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 01:50:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:stone temple pilots - sex and violence

    ugh can you believe this?!
    yet another boring night for me. this is the second one in a row.. that cant be a good sign.. what to do?! i went to victoria and hung out with krystal until she had to go to work at 11 pm. she works until 5 am, they have inventory. after she went in at 11, i went by ziggys house, but no one was outside and i didnt really feel like making the effort to get out of my car and go knock on the door. me? lazy? psh.. then i went to krystals work and rented a movie, SLC Punk, to be exact. there i saw my friend chris, who, by the way, has something very questionable on the back of his head. just one question.. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? poor guy, he needs to go to the emergency room. he comes up to me and says,"amanda, i'm going to die." then shows me that thing. i was like ewww dude! go get that shit checked! it looks like a very infected spider bite.. ew. poor bastard. after that i just came home because my brother was in schroeder doing something with the jarrrod birrmingham band, blah. my mother was actually awake when i got home and FREAKING out because i was there before daylight. she thought something had gone wrong, like i had gotten a ticket, or stolen something and needed to hide out for the night. shes got a hell of a lot of faith in me, dont she?! eh, fuck it. i think i'm going to go watch my movie and head off to bed. krystal... i hope your 5 hours of inventory wasnt too bad, i'd tell you to call me as soon as you get home, but i'll be crashed out for sure.

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