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Secret Art (secret_art) wrote,
@ 2003-04-12 09:48:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Crappy Saterday morning TV

    so i've been thinking about that conversation i had at 1am the other morning...
    and you know what why have i been obsessing over what was said. so he thinks that and belives that thats his opinion, hey he thought i was upset about what happened last time and thought i was kind of freaking out at the pub the next hello i thought the whole situation was hilarious and was actually very pissed! the only person reacting to the situation was him...

    besides he's a like this opinion doesn't really count ;)

    and i suppose this makes no sense to anyone else but me....and i like that *g*

    and i was kinda thinking i need to get my old life back....well parts of it....and the way to do that is to move. althopugh not sure if i can actually afford to move where i want to.....but hey Alison starts work in the city in September so she can introduce me to lots of very nice (read rich) bankers! ;) hee! hee! me shallow? hell yeah! *grins* well maybe not shallow....i just have expensive tastes....i blame my mum....

    ohhh shall i buy Harry Potter on DVD today or not.

    i want a Mr Knightley! *Swoon* especially if he happens to look like Jeremy Northam.

    did i mention i know have 3 hippos! (obviously not the real kind sadly....the landlord still isan't convinced that they'd make a good pet....i haven no idea why?) my mum;s the best...

    four day week next week! woohooo and then a four day weekend! yay! i'm going to go party! wohoo!

    cough cough

    how does my mind work?

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