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Tear the Clouds (seas_of_ink) wrote,
@ 2004-05-11 11:53:00
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    Current mood: complacent
    Current music:Blank

    So dance to some broken chords!
    This was my Cinco de to see N* play a full set and it was good times.


    S E P I A

    I had to go alone to this show but that was fine I met a really nice guy (oh yeah, I'm supposed to e-mail these to him) named Matt, very sweet guy who happens to semi-work for TBS. I met a few other guys there, Lewis and Steveo....niiice kids.
    Oh shoot, I just discovered Stevo has a site
    it looks more like a journal, meh, whateva, he was a cool kid.
    Not to mention I saw this guy who works at Hot Topic, whom I semi-befriended, I had given him a copy of Anatomy's Evanesce a while back and we'd spoken about other bands and it was wonderful to have run into him there. Good times, even greater times is when I scored a Drumstick from N*'s very own Gabe (who happens to be the only Original N* member) and got to talk to him outstide after teh show. Too bad I didnt have a marker to get him to sign teh stick but I was tired and sore so I told him it was okay, got a hug instead :)

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