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One More Sad Song (sdancer) wrote,
@ 2003-05-08 17:06:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Eminem-Superman

    .They Call Me Superman.
    hey guys im drinking a slurpee right now if u didnt figure that out!! lol I didnt get a brain freeze tho christina and her mom did tho lol! just got back from tennis. didnt do good today at all!! lost 0-8 :(((( so that puts my record to 2-1. our first game on Monday i did REALLY GOOD!! i was SO HAPPY i won that game 8-6 and i just played really well. then tuesday i played ok not as good but i still won lol 8-2 the girl wasnt good at all. the girl i played today was SO GOOD! lol and i was ranked 3 today and im usually 4. so that was another thing.

    i have to tell about my night last night!! LOL LOTS OF FUN!! PAIGE! i went to paiges house at like 5 to do out science project poster. we were going to ride to excerds to get a poster board. we really didnt have a lot of money and almost went to jama juice but my house was TOTALLY LOCKED!! lol and my mom had left so we couldnt get any money. then we went to walgreens and got a BRIGHT yellow poster board lol so the ride back was SO FUNNY!!!!!! paige was holding the poster board and her arm was like straight out so it wouldnt it the tire!! lol LOTS OF LAUGHING! she had to like turn and cross streets with her arm out and steering with just one arm! lol i was laughing then we saw adam he was like banging on the window! lol paige was like who the hell is doing that!? lol then we saw him. we were almost home and paige is like MY ARM IS GONNA FALL OFF!! lol(me still laughing) then we finally got home. we looked up all the info we needed and wrote it down. then her mom got us dinner and we ate wendy's. very good! lol then we got back to work and wrote everything and cut and glued it down. i dont even really remember what we were talking about but we were laughing a lot i remember! lol OH GOLDMEMBER! the plan will be called Preperation H WHY DONT U JUST CALL IT OPERATION ASS CREME!! LOL THAT MOVIE WAS THE BEST!! then i finally got home at like 10 lol. but it was fun!

    today was ok i felt like crap this morning but then got better so ill go class by class...

    the dancers had practice so we got to leave
    dance went ok im partnered with sean and michael
    then we had to leave cuz we were missing math lol

    got there a little late from dance so i went in and started my test
    and then of course i had to start coughing and i couldnt stop
    and everyones being quiet and taking the test and i felt so bad!! lol
    i tried to stop and got a drink from the sink but it didnt help
    christina and kendall both look at me and i was like SORRY! lol
    10 minutes later i finally stopped

    .operetta./.lying down.
    walked over and leaned on megs the whole time
    was not feeling go at all!! mrs mcarthy saw it
    and when we got inside she asked me if iu wanted to lie down
    so she walked me to the office and i lied down

    went back to class from lying down
    me and paige and nicole put the final touches on
    our poster and turned everything in

    listened to mrs janik talk about flight attendents
    it was actually really interesting

    was feeling better after eating and just talked to people
    christina has rolls for her sandwich bread now lol

    talked about the pigman for the first class period.
    i have to read like the whole book this weekend
    then we just worked if u want on research or read.

    worked on my fantasy drawing
    and i finally think its coming out good lol
    megs dance was SO FUNNY!! lol lots of love!

    .algebra elective.
    got to do h/w and i helped mrs feehan put up posters
    i got 11 math problems done!! lol yay

    and then i had tennis but i told u how that went lol i g2g do my h/w now and maybe ill read alittle lol i think im gonna start writing a lot in this again i havent really been doing it a lot. but life is pretty good right now. everything i think is cool with my friends and me. nicole is getting her hair done today!! actually she should be done now i cant wait to see it! hope she loves it!! MUCH LOVE TO ALL XOXO

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