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Egberto Zayas (scrambled_egg) wrote,
@ 2003-04-06 13:26:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:The Used - Pieces Mended

    Last night, the next post is my discovery
    Well, before i get to my discovery....i will just eloborate on last nights events. (and from the next post on, i will organize them into paragraphs instead of blobs). There's nothing to elaborate on basically, last night blowed, but a half hour at the end kind of saved it. I met up with Kyle at muvico, and he was chillin with losers even for him (Kyle's not a loser, but there are a lot of my friends who have a little bit more important people to hang out with than him and his friends, but they still really respect them, both sides mutually). So he was chillin with some losers and a few good guys, like Kyle Eaves, Indo, and Sleeping Dan. Then Dirty Ben and Jake showed up. The four of us decided to roll out so me and Kyle followed Ben and Jake up to Peabody's. Ben was there to talk to his "girl" about something, but i guess she wasn't there or some shit. I showed up a little later so i don't really know. Lil' Joey came by there we stayed there for about 20-30 minutes. We came back up to muvico cause no one was there anymore. Some faggots kept driving by trying to show off and be hard, typical. Mike Maineri was there, graduated 2 years ago, another Kyle's brother (i know a good amount of kyles). He's tight, he was waiting for his friends to show up, they did and we still had nothing to do. So now with Lil' Joey, the 5 of us sat there for a little bit. Dave Wartz rolled up with Brad, and guess who else, Kelly and Sarah Baron. LOL. I was talkin to Sarah, and she had said that they were so bored they ended up calling Dave and Brad. I don't blame her...when I tried calling everyone earlier, every single person was home. I even called Sarah (mangia) and she was at home. But she was goin out to the Martini Bar with Kylie. Kylie was gonna be working/dancing there. I wish i could've seen that. That Martini Bar place is gonna get busted though. A bunch of kids from my school go there and they serve them drinks and on top of the underage drinking, they now have Kylie working/dancing, and she's underaged. It won't be long before they're busted. Oh well, sorry, i digressed. Sarah Baron told me that a bunch of people were at Looney's so i called Clay up. He said that they just had left and they were all up at Dunkin Donuts, which is about a 10 second drive from muvico...literally. Its right across the street. So we met them up there. Ellen, Jessica Spivey, Jessica Looney, Noriko, Kelly Bronlawee, Vanessa (she's a new chick, but she's fine, and kind of short), Choo, Clay, Jason, Leslie, Carlos, and some TT boys were up there too. Even some of the losers from earlier were up there. But they always go there anyways, we always see them up there. We were there for half an hour, and then we all left. Those 30 minutes kind of closed the night at being alright instead of "i'd rather be at home" boredom. Most of them were drunk, but me and Kyle had no alcohol, and usually Kyle does. He was desperate for some the whole, but nope, he just ended up staying sober. Some idiot had parked in the middle of the lane in the parking lot, blocking other cars from leaving, and the came and towed his ride. REPO. It was a black '95-'96 civic with rims and some stuff done to it. Oh, some information came to me yesterday when i called Clay to find out what he was doin that night. It seems that Collin was using me for a ride to get the girls because i'm a generous guy. He had planned the whole getting Sarah Baron drunk and doin shit with her a long time ago. Well, nothing went down between them, but some other shit went down that night (the night before SAT's). I remember that when i told i had to go he told me he couldn't leave now cause i was there ride. He said "Huevo! Let me get head or something! Just wait." That's when he called Carlos and i left. After i had left, Collin didn't get any play, but he did get some unexpected action. Clay and Jason stopped by. Collin had been chillin with them at the pool earlier that day as i had mentioned. He had ditched them to enact the plan he had concaucted a while ago. And Clay knew he was using me to do this. He told me that Collin said "Oh, don't worry, Egg will pick me up." And Clay said "Man, don't use Egg, that's wrong." Collin: "Naw, naw, he'll take me." So when Clay showed up later that night at his house, he bitched him out for 1) ditchin them like he did 2) being with Leslie's sister and 3) using me to do this shit. He was yelling, and went out of control. Clay was also fuckin drunk of his ass and was getting belligerent. I heard that Collin was checkin his arm out almost the whole time cause he was peelin'. Just goes to show you how selfish and conceited that guy is. Clay puked on Sarah B and all inside Leslie's car. And he woke up the next morning with the biggest hangover and some puke by his bed. Ok, it does make it hard to believe that he had a rational argument with Collin cause he was this drunk, but i'm sure he made some good points that Collin couldn't come back with. Also i wasn't there so i don't know exactly what was said, or attempted to be said, interrupted by vomiting and whatever else. Personally, Collin using me doesn't matter that much to me cause it's not like we don't talk at school or hardly ever. I see him all the time, but because i sort of seperate myself from the group and everyone else for that matter, intimate friendships is not what i'm getting here. And i'd rather it be like that. I keep to myself a lot and i like it that way. Besides when my friends see me on the weekend nights, they end up being more glad to see me cause i haven't seen them all day or talked to them that much. So, it's not that big of a deal, he doesn't use me that bad, and i could care less. But last night i had to go thank Clay for telling me and sticking up for me. He's a really good guy and one of my best friends. He said he'll always have my back and i told him likewise. That concluded the night. I took Joey home and this dog ran out in the middle of the street in Hunter's Green. I had to swerve and end up in the other lane, with a median seperating me from the right side of the road. That was kind of exhilirating, a little scary too. Then on my way home, a possum started walkin in front of my car and i had to swerve to miss it. DAMMIT, what was up with the animals last night. I have no fuckin idea. Its like when i get in a car, bad energy just starts comin to me, and all my bad luck happens. Nothin happened, but it pissed me off. I'm getting sick of all these highlighted words like when i write "science" <------ see, it's highlighted. Some web browser toolbar software did this shit and now i can't get rid of it. I'll get someone to fix it. Also, and explanation as to why i write so much on my posts. I think alot, so i have a lot of thoughts to get out, also, i'm a very detailed story teller (i can't think of the word for when someone explains or repeats what just happened or what had happened that day, i'll think of it sometime). Anyways, i get very detailed and exact when i explain, i can't leave one thing out. Another reason (for those of you who don't know me), you might just think i have no life and nothing better to do with my time. You can believe that one if you want. Its more simple. Anyways, my next post will be organized and completely devoted to my discovery. Its not completely scientific cause i'm not a scientist or have complete scientific info to base it on, but i will explain it the best i can. If you decided to stop reading my posts, then at least read the next one, its gonna be interesting for any of those interested in scientific junk like last thing, there's way too many moods to pick from on the journal thing. Variation is good though, it just takes me forever to finally pick one....anyways...peace

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