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sarah (scottishmenrock) wrote,
@ 2003-10-16 20:18:00
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    pocket sized ringo
    hey people all i want to say is that i am in love with the beatles. sorry it just happens sometimes. ringo is adorable. he is like the pocket sized beatle lol. anyways i have seen three beatles movies. i liked all of them. Help! was the funniest. george is always stealing in the background and once again ringo is the replaceable loser that causes all the trouble. i think that is why all the girls love him. well any ways we get to plan our dream wedding in home living and we can marry anyone we want. i still havent decided but i think that i am going to marry elijah wood. he is still my blue eyed boy. lol ryan and i are taking my four year old cousin to the zoo on saturday. and sunday i am going over to a birthday dinner for ryans mom. so once again my movie plans with nancy are squelched. but have no fear because a five day weekend is coming up. i cant wait till halloween my friend jessica and i are going as super lunch ladies. we have been planning it since last year. we couldnt do it because of a madrigal thing. i am going to do trick or treat so kids can eat on halloween. it is really fun. i am really worried about jessica because she is having problems with her kidneys and she is in a lot of pain. i am praying that it is nothing seriouse. well anyways on that happy note i am saying farewell. love. peace. and a minni ringo.

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